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Home Health Care

Ensure consistent, optimal post acute care, and maintain compliance

With Elsevier's Home Health Care, you can have current, evidence-based clinical information to support the post-acute space — including virtual education, skills and procedures, competency management, drug information, and patient education.

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Home Health Care offers:

Resources for consistent, high quality care in your patient's home and in the post-acute space

Support your clinicians, healthcare professionals, and non-licensed caregivers with evidence-based resources across home health, hospice, and long-term care. Home Health Care Suite combines evidence-based skills and procedures with competency management functionality and helps to:

  • Reduce risk from care variations and errors through standardized, best-practice care

  • Streamline competency management and fill knowledge gaps for assurance that staff is ready to deliver optimal care

  • Maintain regulatory compliance, receive appropriate reimbursements and streamline policies

Diverse post acute care options

Elsevier’s core Home Health Care package offers engaging virtual education, including:

  • Mosby’s Orientation to Home Health Care: Creates an organization-wide understanding of best practices and encourages effective care coordination while allowing experienced clinicians to earn CE credit. Includes OASIS documentation highlights.

  • Mosby’s Nursing Aide Curriculum: Supports the education and training of assistive personnel to deliver safe and quality patient care. This course helps in complying with accreditation, credentialing, regulatory standards and with promoting patient satisfaction.

Doctor examining patient with overlay of Mosby's virtual education for home healthcare


Also included in the core package are HCPRo courses that cover crucial compliance information and training in a virtual and engaging format.

  • HIPAA Collection Overview

  • Corporate Compliance Collection Overview

  • Ultimate Training: The Virtual Series – OASIS: Detailed overview of OASIS-D

  • Safety for Healthcare Workers

  • PDGM Training Essentials

Hands typing on keyboard with overlay of Home Healthcare resource features


Healthcare chatbot and clinical communications innovator. The Virtual Visit Telehealth platform and Quincy chatbot help providers transform patients into active participants in their healthcare via real-time, engagement.

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Ensure consistent care, maintain compliance and promote optimal patient outcomes.

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