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Empowering Excellence: Elevate Clinical Practice with Online Nursing Education

Clinical eLearning offers comprehensive online education for nursing orientation, competency management, and professional development. Enable consistent, quality care for your organization with individualized learning from leading nursing associations.

clinical eLearning: Orientation, Development, Specialties - two nurses with face masks

Clinical eLearning courses for nurses and interprofessional teams

Critical care courses

Building confidence in the clinical and emotional care of critical and acutely ill patients

Emergency nursing courses

Supporting clinical excellence in emergency environments

Home health courses

Building confidence in the clinical and emotional care of critical and acutely ill patients

Hospital wide courses

Developing excellence in nursing practice and better patient outcomes in clinical environments

Pediatric and neonatal courses

Knowledge to care for vulnerable newborns

Optimize the education experience to benefit competency and retention

Expertly developed content informed by trusted associations

Courses are developed in collaboration with leading nursing associations including:

  • American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN)

  • Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD)

  • American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN)

  • Emergency Nurses Association (ENA)

  • Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN)

Two nurses talking with overlay of Clinical eLearning developed courses

Standardize nursing education to support high-quality care

  • Equips every nurse with the same solid foundation of online nursing education to support consistent patient care. 

  • Reduces the time and resources spent by leaders and educators to develop and maintain education. 

  • Boosts your care team’s confidence in nursing expertise. 

  • Builds critical-thinking skills with interactive role-play scenarios, case studies, video vignettes, and interactive knowledge checks.  

Female doctor working on laptop with overlay of Clinical eLearning resources

Engage your nurses from day one on the job

  • Improves nursing orientation effectiveness through a more streamlined system. 

  • Helps your novice nurses and new hires feel more supported as they begin practicing. 

  • Facilitates your nurses’ ability to provide high quality care and a better patient experience.

Young female nurse in scrubs reviews information on a tablet.

Strengthen professional growth and bright futures with your organization

  • Offers courses for nurses to boost development and career advancement. 

  • Provides 24/7 online learning that fits into programs and allows for contact hours. 

  • Personalizes learning with knowledge inventory tools to assess, remediate gaps, and recognize high performers. 

  • Support lasting staff retention and positive organizational impact through leadership preparatory courses. 

Two female nurses smiling and talking while walking by an elevator.

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Promote professional development and practice improvement with evidence-based learning

Two female nurses and one male nurse walking and talking in a hospital. One female nurse holds a file folder.