XML Net Developers Guide

XML Net Developers Guide

1st Edition - April 22, 2002

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  • Author: Syngress
  • eBook ISBN: 9780080481814

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Compete with the big players in today's E-commerce marketplaceElectronic Data Interchange (EDI) has long been the standard for large business enterprises to communicate in the B2B marketplace. However, EDI is a difficult technology - the cost and support of EDI standards is often too much for a small or medium business enterprise to bear. To compete in the current E-commerce marketplace, many organizations are beginning to take an interest in the interoperability that exists between XML (Extensible Markup Language) and EDI. XML .NET Developers Guide is written for information technology professionals responsible for supporting data management in both small and large organizations. This book appeals to both individuals working with an existing EDI environment, and small to medium businesses looking to increase their market presence by competing with current EDI players using XML/EDI.

Key Features

XML/EDI is quickly becoming an industry standard, however there is a noticeable lack of quality reference material for programmers looking to adopt these standards.
You can take it with you. The book comes with Syngress' revolutionary Wallet CD containing a printable HTML version of the book, all of the source code, and demo versions of popular XML/EDI translation tools
Up to the minute web-based support with solutions@syngress.com

Table of Contents

  • Foreword

    Chapter 1 Introducing the Microsoft .NET Framework


    What Is the .NET Framework?

    Introduction to the Common Language Runtime

    Using .NET-Compliant Programming Languages

    Creating Assemblies

    Using the Manifest

    Assembly Cache

    Locating an Assembly

    Understanding Metadata

    The Benefits of Metadata

    Identifying an Assembly with Metadata


    Assembly Dependencies


    Ending DLL Hell

    Using System Services

    Exception Handling

    Garbage Collection

    Console I/O

    Microsoft Intermediate Language

    The Just-in-Time Compiler

    Using the Namespace System to Organize Classes

    The Common Type System

    Type Safety

    Relying on Automatic Resource Management

    The Managed Heap

    Garbage Collection and the Managed Heap

    Security Services

    Framework Security


    Solutions Fast Track

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Chapter 2 Visual Studio.NET IDE


    Introducing Visual Studio.NET

    Components of VS.NET

    Design Window

    Code Window

    Server Explorer


    Docking Windows

    Properties Explorer

    Solution Explorer

    Class View

    Dynamic Help

    Task List Explorer

    Features of VS.NET


    XML Editor

    Documentation Generation (XML Embedded Commenting)

    Customizing the IDE

    Creating a Project


    Creating a Project

    Add Reference

    Build the Project

    Debugging a Project


    Solutions Fast Track

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Chapter 3 Reviewing the Fundamentals of XML


    An Overview of XML

    The Goals of XML

    What Does an XML Document Look Like?

    Creating an XML Document

    Components of an XML Document

    Structure of an XML Document

    Well-Formed XML Documents

    Schema and Valid XML Documents

    Transforming XML through XSLT

    XSL Use of Patternsxiv Contents



    Solutions Fast Track

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Chapter 4 Using XML in the .NET Framework


    Explaining the XML Document Object Model

    The Different XML DOM Levels

    XML DOM Core Interfaces

    DOM Structure Model

    DOM Traversal

    DOM Range

    DOM XPath

    Introduction to the System.Xml Namespace

    Overview of System.Xml.Schema Classes

    Mapping XML DOM on the System.Xml Namespace

    Explaining a Selection of System.Xml Classes

    Using the System.Xml Namespace

    Building the XML Address Book


    Solutions Fast Track

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Chapter 5 Understanding .NET and XML Security


    The Risks Associated with Using XML in the .NET Framework

    Confidentiality Concerns

    .NET Internal Security as a Viable Alternative





    Security Policy

    Type Safety

    Code Access Security

    .NET Code Access Security Model

    Role-Based Security


    Role-Based Security Checks

    Security Policies

    Creating a New Permission Set

    Modifying the Code Group Structure

    Remoting Security


    Security Tools

    Securing XML—Best Practices

    XML Encryption

    XML Digital Signatures


    Solutions Fast Track

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Chapter 6 XML and the Web with ASP.NET


    Reviewing the Basics of the ASP.NET Platform

    Reading and Parsing XML

    Parsing an XML Document

    Navigating through an XML Document to Retrieve Data

    Writing an XML Document Using the XmlTextWriterClass

    Generating an XML Document Using XmlTextWriter

    Exploring the XML Document Object Model

    Navigating through an XmlDocument Object

    Parsing an XML Document Using the XmlDocumentObject

    Using the XmlDataDocument Class

    Querying XML Data Using XPathDocument and XPathNavigator

    Using XPathDocument and XPathNavigator Objects

    Using XPathDocument and XPathNavigator Objects for Document Navigation

    Transforming an XML Document Using XSLT

    Transforming an XML Document to an HTML Document

    Transforming an XML Document into Another XML Document

    Working with XML and Databases Online

    Creating an XML Document from a Database Query

    Reading an XML Document into a DataSet


    Solutions Fast Track

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Chapter 7 Creating an XML.NET Guestbook


    Functional Design Requirements of the XML Guestbook

    Constructing the XML

    Adding Records to the Guestbook

    Understanding the pnlAdd Panel

    Adding a Thank-You Panel with PnlThank

    Exploring the Submit Button Handler Code

    Viewing the Guestbook

    Displaying Messages

    Advanced Options for the Guestbook Interface

    Manipulating Colors and Images

    Modifying the Page Output


    Solutions Fast Track

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Chapter 8 Creating a Message Board with ADO and XML


    Setting Up the Database

    MS Access Database

    SQL Server Database

    Designing Your Application

    Designing Your Objects

    Creating Your Data Access Object

    Designing the User Class

    Designing the Board Class

    Designing the ThreadList Class

    Designing the Thread Class

    Designing the PostList Class

    Designing the PostClass

    Designing the MessageBoard Class

    Designing the User Interface

    Setting Up General Functions

    Building the Log-In Interface

    Designing the Browsing Interface

    Board Browsing

    Creating the User Functions

    Editing the Member Profile

    Creating Threads and Posts

    Building the Administrative Interface


    Solutions Fast Track

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Chapter 9 Building a Remote Database Viewer


    Understanding ADO.NET

    The ADO.NET Architecture

    Using .NET Data Provider

    Using DataSets and DataTables

    A Quick Comparison of ADO and ADO.NET

    Accessing Data from a Database Using ADO.NET

    Database Design

    Navigating between Records

    Add Record Form

    Delete/Update Form

    Converting Binary Data Using Base64

    How Base64 Works

    Converting Binary Data into Base64 Format

    Reading Base64 Encoded Data from an XML File

    Designing and Implementing a Simple Remote Database Viewer

    What Is a Remote Database?

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Data Access

    Implementing a Simple Remote Database Viewer


    Solutions Fast Track

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Chapter 10 Building a Wholesale Catalog


    Basic Design Considerations

    Storage: XML versus Traditional Databases

    Information Transport Methods

    XML and EDI

    XML Vocabularies

    Implementation of the Agora Markets Catalog



    Coding the Project

    Database Design

    XML Packages Design

    Supplier Interface and B2B Design

    Customer Interface Design

    GUI:The Catalog Page

    GUI:The Shopping Cart Page(s)

    Business and Web Services

    Business versus Web Services

    Coding a Business Service

    Creating a Web Service

    Testing the Web Service

    Using Web Services

    Installation: Migrating to SQL Server


    Solutions Fast Track

    Frequently Asked Questions


Product details

  • No. of pages: 608
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Syngress 2002
  • Published: April 22, 2002
  • Imprint: Syngress
  • eBook ISBN: 9780080481814

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