World Coal Resources

World Coal Resources

Method of Assessment and Result

1st Edition - January 1, 1979

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  • Author: Gunter Fettweis
  • eBook ISBN: 9780444601469

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World Coal Resources: Methods of Assessment and Results is an English translation of the German book Weltkohlenvorràte. This book presents detailed coal resources estimates for the world, and it illustrates and assesses the methods that are used to calculate them. The book discusses the viewpoints for the techno-economic assessment and the classification of mineral occurrences in relation to coal. It also presents the total resources of coal in the world that are significant to the economics, and it offers ideas for the improvement of terminologies in mineral occurrences for better decision making. Furthermore, this book presents the position of coal among the raw material of minerals. It also explores conventional mining and alternative technologies. Finally, this book deals with coal resources and its classification. This book will be of great value to specialists, as well as the general public interested in problems of energy supplies.

Table of Contents

  • Preface to the English edition

    0. Foreword to the English Edition

    1. Introduction

    1.1 Questions under consideration

    1.2 Viewpoint of the author

    1.3 Definitions

    1.4 Delimitation

    1.5 Bibliography for Chapter 1

    2. The Position of Coal Among the Mineral Raw Materials

    2.1 Preliminary remarks

    2.2 The characteristics of the raw materials deposits of inorganic origin

    2.3 Coal formation and coal distribution in the Earth's crust

    2.4 Quantitative comparisons on the occurrence of coal

    2.4.1 Sediments as host

    2.4.2 Frequency comparisons

    2.5 Coal geology and exploration

    2.5.1 Search and examining: two phases of exploration

    2.5.2 Geotechnical attractiveness (Bonitât) and quality

    2.5.3 Geological resources

    2.6 Characteristics of coal use

    2.7 Bibliography for Chapter 2

    3. Conventional Mining

    3.1 Preliminary remarks

    3.2 Economic correlations

    3.2.1 Factors constituting economic mineability

    3.2.2 Economic resources ( = reserves)

    3.3 Types of Mining

    3.4 Technological limits

    3.4.1 Correlations

    3.4.2 Depth limit

    3.4.3 Minimum thickness

    3.4.4 Tectonic stress

    3.4.5 Trends

    3.4.6 Technically mineable resources

    3.5 Production losses and recovery

    3.5.1 Causes and concepts

    3.5.2 Extraction losses in opencast mining

    3.5.3 Extraction losses in underground mining and in auger mining

    3.5.4 Beneficiation losses

    3.5.5 Trends

    3.5.6 Recoverable resources

    3.6 Exploitation of deposits

    3.6.1 Concept

    3.6.2 Example from Ruhr mining

    3.7 Opencast mining limits

    3.8 Framework of the correlations

    3.9 Bibliography for Chapter 3

    4. On Alternative Technology to Conventional Coal Mining

    4.1 Preliminary remarks

    4.2 Economic considerations

    4.2.1 Possibilities of influencing the resources

    4.2.2 Influence on economic mineability

    4.2.3 Influence on recovery

    4.3 Technical possibilities

    4.4 Underground gasification

    4.4.1 Technological procedure

    4.4.2 Problems and critical factors

    4.4.3 Projects

    4.4.4 Prospects

    4.5 Influence on resources

    4.6 Bibliography for Chapter 4

    5. On the Classification of Coal Resources

    5.1 Preliminary remarks

    5.2 Criteria for categorisation

    5.3 Main method of procedure

    5.4 Five concepts

    5.4.1 Context and nature

    5.4.2 Earth's crust concept

    5.4.3 Geological concept

    5.4.4 Economic geology concept

    5.4.5 Mining economy concept

    5.4.6 Deposit concept

    5.4.7 Evaluation with regard to coal

    5.5 The stages of classification

    5.5.1 Preliminary remarks

    5.5.2 Choice of concept and first classification of resources

    5.5.3 Assurance

    5.5.4 Technical mineability

    5.5.5 Economic mineability

    5.5.6 Recoverability

    5.6 Internationally used classifications

    5.6.1 International surveys

    5.6.2 Comparison of the guidelines up to 1974

    5.6.3 Critical appraisal of the definitions in the 1974 report of the World Energy Conference

    5.7 Bibliography for Chapter 5

    6. Coal Resources

    6.1 Preliminary remarks

    6.2 Result of the international surveys

    6.2.1 Figures covered by the surveys

    6.2.2 Development of total resource figures

    6.2.3 Development of resource figures in categories II and II a

    6.2.4 Development of resources of hard coal and brown coal

    6.2.5 Resource development and coal production

    6.2.6 Additional data in the 1974 resource survey

    6.2.7 Resource density according to the 1974 survey

    6.2.8 Conclusions

    6.3 Resources of individual countries

    6.3.1 Concept and delimitation of the study

    6.3.2 Objectives and method

    6.3.3 Great Britain

    6.3.4 Federal Republic of Germany

    6.3.5 USA

    6.3.6 South Africa

    6.3.7 Australia

    6.3.8 Soviet Union

    6.3.9 China

    6.3.10 Results

    6.4 Economically significant resources and resource base of coal in the earth

    6.5 Bibliography for Chapter 6

    7. Conclusions

    7.1 Resource situation

    7.1.1 Limitation of resources

    7.1.2 The resource situation and its effects in terms of both the present and the foreseeable future

    7.1.3 Ratio of resources of coal to hydrocarbons

    7.2 Deposit economy

    7.3 Classification of resources

    7.3.1 Problems and tasks

    7.3.2 Points of view

    7.3.3 Proposals

    7.4 Necessity of further investigations

    7.5 Bibliography for Chapter 7

    8. Appendices

    A Draft standard: “Useable deposits - classification of resources” of the Arbeitsausschuβ fūr Markscheidenormen des Steinkohlenbergbauvereins Essen (Study Group for Mine Surveying Standards of the Hard Coal Mining Association, Essen), 1956

    Β A classification of deposit resources recommended by the deposits committee of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Metallhūtten- und Bergleute (GDMB - German Mining Engineers' and Metallurgists' Society), 1959

    C Classification of the deposit resources of solid mineral raw materials of the German Democratic Republic 31st January 1962

    D Guidelines for the determination of the deposit resources in Austrian coal deposits, established by a working group composed of the Federal Ministry for Commerce, Trade and Industry (Highest Mining Authority), the Österreichische Industrieverwaltungs AG (ÖIAG) and the Austrian coalmining enterprises, November 1972

    Ε USA Joint Geological Survey - Bureau of Mines Classification System for Coal Resources and Reserves 1974

    F Coal Resource Terminology, Departmental Terminology and Definitions of Reserves and Resources of the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa, Canada, January 1975 (abridged)

    G Guidelines for the international surveys of coal resources 1913 to 1974

    H Data for coal resources of various regions overall and according to types of coal, 1913 to 1974

    I Economically significant resources of the Ruhr coalfield

    J Geographical location of the most important coal occurrences on earth

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  • No. of pages: 416
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Elsevier 1979
  • Published: January 1, 1979
  • Imprint: Elsevier
  • eBook ISBN: 9780444601469

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