The success of the web depends not only on the creation of stimulating and valuable information, but also on the speed, efficiency and convenient delivery of this information to the Web consumer. This authoritative presentation of web server technology takes you beyond the basics to provide the underlying principles and technical details of how WWW servers really work. It explains current technology and suggests enhanced and expanded methods for disseminating information via the Web.

Key Features

* Covers measurement of WWW component performance--the networks, server hardware, and operating systems--and suggests alternative Web server software designs for improving performance. * Explains the costs and benefits of mirroring and caching Web documents. * Surveys the web's current search tools and uses the library system as a model layout to illustrate indexing, searching, and retrieval techniques. * Assesses web security hazards and presents mechanisms for combating these vulnerabilities, including an in-depth discussion of firewalls. * Analyzes the risks and explains the technologies used in a variety of services available for making monetary transactions online.

Table of Contents

Web Server Technology The Advanced Guide for World Wide Web Information Providers Nancy J. Yeager, Robert E. McGrath Preface Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 A Brief Plan of the Book 1.2 An Overview of The World Wide Web 1.3 The Documents 1.3.1 Digital Media 1.3.2 MIME Types 1.3.3. Hypertext 1.4 The Internet 1.5 The Web Server and Web Client Software 1.5.1 A Brief Survey of Web Server Software Chapter 2 Web Server Technology 2.1 Overview 2.1.1 Web Server Components 2.1.2 The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 2.1.3 What a Web Server Does Not Know 2.2 The Information: Documents and the Document Tree 2.2.1 The Information to Be Served: The Web Documents 2.2.2 Organization of the Document Tree 2.3 The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 2.3.1 The Request (Client to Server) 2.3.2 The Response (Server to Client) 2.4 How It Works 2.4.1 Handling More than One Request at a Time Close-up Serving a Web Document: A Step-by-Step Example 2.4.2 More Than One Web Service on the Same Server 2.4.3 A Two-Way Network Connection 2.4.4 Finding and Accessing Files 2.4.5 Inline Images 2.5 Acc


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