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Preface to the Second Edition Chapter 1. Overview of Viruses and Virus Infection Introduction Classification of Viruses An Overview of the Replication Cycle of Viruses Effects of Virus Infection on the Host Cell Epidemiology: The Spread of Viruses from Person to Person Further Reading Chapter 2. The Structure of Viruses Introduction Helical Symmetry Icosahedral Symmetry Nonenveloped Viruses with More Complicated Structural Features Enveloped Viruses Assembly of Virions Stability of Virions Further Reading Chapter 3. Plus-Strand RNA Viruses Introduction Family Picornaviridae Family Caliciviridae Family Hepeviridae Family Astroviridae Family Togaviridae Family Flaviviridae Family Coronaviridae Family Arteriviridae Family Roniviridae The Plus-Strand RNA Viruses of Plants Origin and Evolution of Plus-Strand RNA Viruses Further Reading Chapter 4. Minus-Strand RNA Viruses Introduction Overview of the Minus-Strand RNA Viruses Family Rhabdoviridae Family Paramyxoviridae Family Filoviridae Family Bornaviridae Family Orthomyxoviridae Family Bunyaviridae Family Arenaviridae Evolution of Minus-Strand RNA Viruses Further Reading Chapter 5. Viruses That Contain Double-Stranded RNA: Family Reoviridae Introduction Overview of the Family Reoviridae Further Reading Chapter 6. Viruses Whose Life Cycle Uses Reverse Transcriptase Introduction Family Retroviridae Family Hepadnaviridae Further Reading Chapter 7. DNA-Containing Viruses Introduction Family Poxviridae Family Herpesviridae Replication of Herpesviruses Family Adenoviridae Family Polyomaviridae Family Papillomaviridae Family Parvoviridae Torque Teno Virus: A Newly Described Human Virus Further Rea


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