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Ultrasonics International 87 - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780408023481, 9781483140537

Ultrasonics International 87

1st Edition

Conference Proceedings

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Author: Sam Stuart
eBook ISBN: 9781483140537
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 27th October 1987
Page Count: 974
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Ultrasonics International 87 contains the Proceedings of the Ultrasonics International Conference and Exhibition held at London, United Kingdom on July 1987. The conference discussed and reviewed some of the developments in the field of ultrasonics.

The compendium consists of over 150 contributed papers, four invited papers and three plenary papers. Topics discussed include generation of unipolar ultrasonic pulses by signal processing; scattering of longitudinal waves by partially closed slots; piezoelectric materials for ultrasonic transducers; and measuring turbulent flow characteristics using a multi- dimensional ultrasonic probe. Fiber optic sensors, medical imaging and inverse methods, and laser generation of ultrasound are covered as well.

Physicians, technicians, researchers, and physical scientists will find the book insightful.

Table of Contents


Plenary Paper

Fibre Optic Sensors for Ultrasound


Imaging with Reduced Data

High Resolution Imaging with Incomplete Data

Acoustical Imaging with Minimized Scanning

Imaging of Wideband Pulsed Fields Using an Optically Scanned Transducer

Attenuation Mapping for Imaging and Characterisation of Inhomogeneous Media


Ultrasonic Solid Fat Content Determinations

Attenuation and Scattering in Suspensions

Use of the Velocity of Ultrasound to Determine the Phase Volume of Dispersions

Non-Relaxational and Resonance Absorption in Biological Fluids at Frequencies in the Range 200 to 1200 kHz

Sonic and Ultrasonic Surface Waves in Visco-Elastic Materials

Some Results on Wavefield Backpropagation


Experimental Testing of Truncated Raman-Nath System Solutions

The Raman-Nath Equations Revisited. II. Oblique Incidence of the Light - Bragg Reflection

Ultrasonic Light Diffraction in Liquid Crystals of Spatial Dispersion

Optoacoustic Testing of Optical Surfaces

NDT: Composites

A High Frequency Peak Detector for Ultrasound Test Pulses

Inversion Techniques for Improved Nde of Layered Structures

Angular Characteristics of Reflectivity for Layered Structures with Imperfections

Measurement of the Ultrasonic Vibration of Adhesive Joints

Laser Generation of Ultrasound

Laser Generation and Reception of Ultrasound

Laser Generation of Ultrasound

Beamsteering of Laser Generated Ultrasound

Rayleigh Wave Interaction with Discontinuities: A Numerical Model and an Experimental Study

Full Field Mapping of Transient Surface Acoustic Waves Using Heterodyne Holographic Interferometry

Laser Doppler Heterodyne Interferometer for Photoacoustic Applications

Non-Linear Acoustics

Ultrasonic Characterization of the Non-Linear Elastic Properties of Graphite/Epoxy Composites

Diffraction Tomography of the Acoustic Non-Linear Parameter

Non-Linear Propagation in Focused Fields: Experiment and Theory

Application of an Enhanced Parametric Source

Numerical Simulation of Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Parametric Acoustoelectric Interaction in Piezosemiconductors in Alternating Electric Field

Plenary Paper

Medical Imaging and the Role of Ultrasound

Medical and Biological Ultrasound

Cavitation Induced by Finite Amplitude Pulses of Ultrasound

The Generation and Use of Asymmetric Waves to Produce Enhanced Forces for Phonophoresis and Medical Therapy

Self-Focusing Piezoelectric High-Power Sound-Pulser for Painless Disintegration of Urinary Calculi

Location of Kidney Stones for Non-Invasive Piezoelectric Lithotripsy (Piezo-ESWL)

Application of Exposure Criteria to Different Types of Industrial Ultrasound

Non-Destructive Approach for Analysing the Germinability of Acorns

Underwater Acoustics

Sources of Underwater Ultrasound

Numerical Models of Sound Propagation in Homogenous Media

Practical Verification of Some High Resolution Algorithms

Wideband Backscattering Measurements Using a Parametric Array

An Ultrasonic Caliper for Borehole Measurement

Acoustic Microscopy

Limited Angle Planar Diffraction Tomography: A First-Order Solution

Acoustic Microstructure of Green Coffee (Santos)

Precise Measurement of Film Thickness By Line-Focus-Beam Acoustic Microscopy

High Power Ultrasonics

Sonoluminescence: A New Light on Cavitation

The Application of Ultrasonic Standing Waves to Particle Filtration

Power Ultrasonic Excitation of a Mould in a Continuous Casting Machine of Steel Billets

Ultrasonic Butt Welding of Metal Materials

Signal Processing

Characterisation of Biological Tissues by Means of Ultrasound Transmission Tomography Using a Personal Computer

Signal Processing of Ultrasonic Signals with Applications to Surface Metrology

Comparison Between Various Beam Forming Techniques for Ultrasound Imaging

The Study of Transversal Ultrasonic Beams Normal Incident on Periodic Rough Interfaces

NDT: Microstructure

Nondestructive Characterization of Defects Using Ultrasonic Backscattering

Characterization of Very Fine Pearlitic Structure Using Ultrasonic Attenuation Technique

Ultrasonic Evaluation of the Resistance to Hydrogen-Induced Cracking of Line Pipe Steel

Testing Surface Pavement with an Ultrasonic Method

Plenary Paper

Inverse Methods in Ultrasonics

NDT: Mathematical

Data Processing in Ultrasonic NDT

Computer Modelling of A-Scans

Computer Aided Design of Array Processing Techniques in NDE

Sizing in the Born Radius/Zero-of-Time Shift Domain

Depth Measurement for Corner Cracks Using Rayleigh Wave Spectrum Modulation

Resolution Improvement in Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing with Fast Adaptive Myopic Deconvolution


Transducer Considerations for Point-Source/Point-Receiver Materials Measurements

Design and Evaluation of Apodized Piezoelectric Transducers

Improvements in the Lateral Resolution of Electrostatic Ultrasonic Transducers (EUT)

A 3d Finite Element-Plane Wave Decomposition Coupling Method to Compute Mutual Radiation Impedances in Plane Arrays

Properties of Ultrasound Transducers Working Under High Hydrostatic Pressure

Surface Waves

Experimental Verification of Lamb Waves Propagating with a Negative Group Velocity

Excitation of Lamb Waves By Mode Conversion on a Periodic Fluid/Solid Plate Interface

Rayleigh Wave Interaction with Isotropie and Anisotropie Wedges

Layer Thickness Measurement of Various Materials Using Pseudo-Sezawa Waves

Transducer Materials

Performance of Ultrasonic Composite Transducers Made From Scribed-Factured Piezoelectric Ceramics

A New Method of Element Analysis in Piezoceramic Arrays

Three Dimensional Analysis of Piezoceramic Vibrational Modes

A Simple Vibration Model for One-Dimensional Piezoelectric Composites

Measurements in Physics

X-Ray Photoacoustic Measurements

Results of a New Approach Towards Measurement of Ultrasound Characteristics

Point Source/Point Receiver Ultrasonic Wave Speed Measurement

New Stationary Method for Measuring Relaxation Times Through Phase Sensitive Detection

Materials Characterization

Inverse Scattering Techniques for Material Characterization

Grain Size Estimation Using a Statistical Scattering Model

Thermal Effects of Ultrasonic Waves in the Presence of Stress

Poster Session Tuesday 7 July

1. High-Definition Backscatter Imaging : A Different Approach

2. Propagation of Acoustic Waves in Random Media Using the Parabolic Equation and Green's Function Methods

3. Non-Linearity Parameters and Thermal Loss for Lutidines at Different Temperatures

4. Measurement and Interpretation of Ultrasonic Velocity and Attenuation in Low Concentration Polystyrene Dispersions

5. Experimental Studies Into Ultrasonic Mode Conversion

6. A Perturbative Technique for the Treatment of the Non-Dissipative Sound Wave Equation of a Weak Critical Inhomogenous Medium

7. Ultrasonic Investigations of Amorphous Germanium-Selenium Alloys at 300 K

8. Computer Modelling of 60° Shear Waves

9. Experimental Study of Nonlinearity Parameters in Ultrasonic Waves in a Tube

10. Electro-Chemical Potential Difference Variation By Pulsed Ultrasound

11. Detecting System for Intracranial Murmur

12. Effects of a Forming Process by Cold Rolling on the Second and Third Order Elastic Constants of a Steel

13. a Signal Processing Method for Holographic Reconstruction of Planar Objects

14. Undamping Method to Study Vibration Modes in Solid and Solid-Liquid Structures

15. Resonances of Cylindrical Elastic Shells Immersed in Water: Internal Acoustical Excitation

16. Laser Techniques for Generation and Detection of Ultrasound for Practical NDT Applications

17. Experimental Investigation of the Resonant Behaviour of the Transmission Coefficient of a Fluid-Loaded Elastic Plate

18. Transparency Ultrasonic Tests on a Thin Plate of Unsaturated Porous Medium. Application to Wet Paper.

19. Resonant Response of a Driven Elastic Rod

20. Ultrasonic Resonance Spectroscopy and Bistatic Resonance Identification

21. Temperature Dependence of Damping of Elastic Waves in Dielectric Alloys

22. Ultrasonic Studies of Pb-Bi-Sn Ternary Alloys at 306 K

23. Variation of Damping of Elastic Waves in Body Centered Cubic Crystals with Temperature

24. Ultrasonic Experiments in a General Acoustics Laboratory

Poster Session Wednesday 8 July

25. on the Calculation of Non-Linear Ultrasonic Behaviour in Organic Liquids in Solution in Non-Polar Solvents

26. High Power Ultrasonic Resonant Horns. Part 1. Basic Design Concepts: Velocity of Ultrasound at 20 kHz; Effects of Material and Horn Dimensions

27. Calibration of Medical Ultrasound Equipment: An Analog vs. A Digital Approach

28. Ultrasonic Welding of Plastics. 3 (On Vibration-Type Tool and Jig)

29. Modelling the Frequency Dependency of the Acoustical Characteristics of Human Liver

30. Ultrasonic Vibration Press of Powder with Different Frequency Longitudinal Punches and Various Vibration Mode Dies

31. Ultrasonic Wire Bonding with a Complex Vibration Welding Tip

32. Computer Aided Design of Inverse Filter Algorithms for Ultrasonic Systems

33. High Precision Detection of the Frequency, Amplitude and Phase of the Continuous Signal with FFT

34. Ultrasonic Measurements of the Surface Properties of Laser Treated Steel

35. Practical Acoustic Emission at Gaydon Technology a Bartlett

36. Simulation of Acoustic Emission by a Dipole Source

37. Sonochemical Effects in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract: Oxidation of Hydroxyl and Thiol Groups

38. Investigation of the Brittle Fracture of Ceramic Materials Using Microcomputer Processing of Acoustic Emission Signals

39. The Effect of Ultrasound on the Copper Assisted Nucleophilic Displacement of Aryl Halogen 2. Ullmann Phenyl Ether Reactions

40. The Effect of Ultrasound on a Homogeneous Polymerisation Reaction

41. The Effects of Ultrasound on O and C Alkylation Reactions of Phenols

42. Sonochemical Aspects of Cell Disruption by Ultrasound

43. Computer Analysis of Various Switching Circuits for the 2-Dimensional Transducers' Array of a Hydroacoustic Imaging System

44. A Method of Echo Integration Using a Five Criteria System

Poster Session Thursday 9 July

45. Broad-Band Ultrasonic Transducers Based on Fractured Piezoelectric Ceramics

46. Focused High-Power Ultrasonic Transducer with Stepped-Plate Radiator for Industrial Application in Gases

47. Theoretical Analysis of Ultrasonic Interferometers for Precise Measurements at High Pressures. New Techniques in the Characterization of Ultrasound Beams

48. Utility and Limits of Echo-Doppler in Measuring of the Cardiac Output

49. Low Frequency Vibration in Peizoelectric Discs

50. Ultrasonic Actuator Using the Extensional Vibration of Cylindrical Shell

51. Ultrasonic Study of 1,1-Diacetyl Ferrocene and P-Azoxy Anisole in Solution in Non-Polar Solvent

52. Investigations on Evaluation of Transducer Performance at High Electric Drives

53. Characterising the Microstructure of Industrial Steels by Ultrasonic Attenuation Spectral Analysis

54. Use of Plane and Edge Wave Components to Characterize PVDF Transducers

55. Analysis of a Pulse-Echo Ultrasound Tapered Phased Array Transducer

56. Use of an Impulse Method to Measure Different Parameters of a Thin Piezoelectric Element

57. Piezomagnetic Ultrasound Alcofer 44 kHz Transducers

58. EMAT Ultrasonic Reflection Tomography

59. New Block for Relative Calibration of Longitudinal and Shear Wave Transducers

60. A Real Time Imaging System for Non-Destructive Testing

61. Defect Characterization with Radiation Field Theory

62. Measuring Turbulent Flow Characteristics Using a Multi-Dimensional Ultrasonic Probe

63. A Review of Piezoelectric Materials Used for Ultrasonic Transducers

64. Processing Options in the "Jukebox" Ultrasonic Imaging System

65. Scattering of Longitudinal Waves by Partially Closed Slots

66. Ultrasonic Wattmeter

67. A Numerical Model for Pulsed Rayleigh Wave Scattering From General Surface Features

68. High Precision Echometer for the Study of Dislocation Mobility of Metals by the Two Waves Acoustic Coupling Technique

69. An Acoustic Method for High Precision Gas Flow Measurements

70. Excitation of Bulk and Surface Acoustic Waves Into an Anisotropic Half Space

71. Low Frequency Ultrasonic Contrapropagating Transit Time System for Gas Flowmetering

72. Generation of Unipolar Ultrasonic Pulses by Signal Processing

Panel Discussion

Author Index


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© Butterworth-Heinemann 1987
27th October 1987
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About the Author

Sam Stuart

Dr. Sam Stuart is a physiotherapist and a research Fellow within the Balance Disorders Laboratory, OHSU. His work focuses on vision, cognition and gait in neurological disorders, examining how technology-based interventions influence these factors. He has published extensively in world leading clinical and engineering journals focusing on a broad range of activities such as real-world data analytics, algorithm development for wearable technology and provided expert opinion on technology for concussion assessment for robust player management. He is currently a guest editor for special issues (sports medicine and transcranial direct current stimulation for motor rehabilitation) within Physiological Measurement and Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, respectively.

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Neurology, Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), Oregon, USA

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