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Ultrasonics International 83 - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780408221634, 9781483140827

Ultrasonics International 83

1st Edition

Conference Proceedings

Author: Sam Stuart
eBook ISBN: 9781483140827
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 16th December 1983
Page Count: 552
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Ultrasonics International 83 contains the proceedings of the Ultrasonics International Conference held in Halifax, Canada, on July 12-14, 1983. The papers focus on the role of ultrasound in various fields such as non-destructive testing, aerospace, high power, and medicine. The papers are organized into 24 sessions, which first discuss the applications of ultrasonics in aerospace. The session on non-destructive testing then describes ultrasonic applications including automatic in-motion inspection of the tread of railway wheels by EMA excited Rayleigh waves; effect of material deformation on the velocity of critically refracted shear waves in railroad rail; and crack depth estimation using wideband laser generated surface acoustic waves. The next session is concerned with medical ultrasonics and includes papers exploring the use of reflectivity tomography in attenuating media, wave propagation in biological tissue, and ultrasonic Doppler measurement of blood flow volume rate in the abdomen. The sessions that follow consider acoustic emission, visualization, material characterization, optoacoustics, and the physics of ultrasonics. High power and underwater ultrasonics, acoustic microscopy, transducers, and instrumentation are also discussed. This monograph will be of value to physicists and other scientists interested in ultrasonics.

Table of Contents


Session 1 Plenary Session

1.1 Applications of Ultrasonics in Aerospace (Abstract Only)

Session 2 Non-destructive Testing - 1

2.1 The Defect Sizing and Characterization Performance of an Automated, Multiprobetime-of-Flight Scanner

2.2 Automatic In-Motion Inspection of the Tread of Railway Wheels by EMA excited Rayleigh Waves

2.3 The Effect of Material Deformation on the Velocity of Critically Refracted Shear Waves in Railroad Rail

2.4 Crack Depth Estimation Using Wideband Laser Generated Surface Acoustic Waves

Session 3 Medical Ultrasonics - 1

3.1 Reflectivity Tomography in Attenuating Media

3.2 Mapping of Internal Material Temperature with Ultrasonic Computed Tomography

3.3 Wave Propagation in Biological Tissue

3.4 Ultrasonic Doppler Measurement of Blood Flow Volume Rate in the Abdomen

Session 4 Acoustic Emission - 1

4.1 A Theoretical Model for Evaluating Acoustic Emission Energy Release during Phase Transitions of a Shape-Memory Alloy

4.2 Acoustic Emission in Non-Ceramic Insulators

4.3 Acoustic Emission during Martensitic Transformation of Iron-Chromium Alloy

4.4 Acoustic Emission during Deformation and Fracture of Ceramics

Session 5 Visualization

5.1 A New Stroboscope for Schlieren and Photoelastic Visualization of Ultrasound

5.2 Digital Ultrasonic Imaging and its Application to Skeletal Tissues

5.3 Acoustic Imaging of Cylindrical Space

Session 6 Material Characterization

6.1 Ultrasonic Characterization of Oxygen Contaminated Titanium 6211 Plate

6.2 Ultrasonic Materials Characterization of Melt Spun Metallic Ribbons

6.3 Measurement of near-Surface Ultrasonic Absorption by the Thermoemissivity and Application to the Determination of the Absorption in Magnetic Materials (Abstract Only)

Session 7 Opto-Acoustics - 1

7.1 On the Crossroads of Ultrasonics and Optics

7.2 Experimental Verification of Diffraction of Light by Phase Shifted Adjacent Ultrasound Beams of Frequency Ratio 1:n, P>>1

7.3 Optical Absorption of Powders Determined by the Photoacoustic Effect

Session 8 Non-Destructive Testing - 2

8.1 Computerized, Robotic Ultrasonic C-scan System for Inspection of Aerospace Structures (Abstract Only)

8.2 The Calibration of Ultrasonic Equipment for Measuring Tube Wall Thickness

8.3 Development of Ultrasonic Methods for the Non-destructive Inspection of Concrete

8.4 The Use of Ultrasonics for Visualizing Components of the Prototype Fast Reactor Whilst Immersed in Sodium

Session 9 Physics of Ultrasonics - 1

9.1 Propagation of Ultrasonic Waves in Inhomogeneous Media (Abstract Only)

9.2 Peizoelectrics as Phonon Echo Generating Materials

9.3 Measurement of Transverse Acoustic Impedance: Liquid Helium

Session 10 High Power Ultrasonics - 1

10.1 Large Amplitude Characteristics of Bolt-Clamped Langevin Type Vibrator

10.2 A High Power Ultrasonic System for Material Testing and Material Compaction (Abstract Only)

10.3 An Experimental Study of the Mechanics of Ultrasonic Tube-Bending

10.4 Studies on the Ultrasonic Vibration Press of Powder with a Vibration Die

10.5 Fatigue of Structural Materials at Ultrasonic Loading Frequencies

Session 11 Underwater Ultrasonics

11.1 An Ultrasonic Exploration Technique for Finding Oil under Arctic Sea Ice

11.2 Tracking and Imaging of a Sound Source Using a Sinusoidal Frequency Modulated Ultrasonic Wave

11.3 The Sensitivity of Fisheries Acoustic Survey Data to Certain Equipment Parameters (Abstract Only)

11.4 A High Frequency Multichannel Subbottom Profiler

Session 12 Non-Destructive Testing - 3

12.1 Acoustic Stress Measurement in Aluminum and Steel considering Differences in Texture Due to Rolled Plate Thickness

12.2 Ultrasonic Time Intervalometer for Quantitative Studies of Surface Properties in Solids

12.3 Immersion Coupled Phased Array for Inspection of Offshore Structures

12.4 Ultrasonics in Offshore Inspection

Session 13 Medical Ultrasonics - 2

13.1 Loudness of Airborne Ultrasonic Noise

13.2 Precision Thickness Gauging Using Digitized rf Waveforms

13.3 Attenuation Estimation by Spectral Smoothing

13.4 A Diaphragm Type Strain Gauge Ultrasonic Power Meter

Session 14 Physics of Ultrasonics - 2

14.1 The Nonlinear Response of Gas-Filled Micropores to Ultrasound at MHz Frequencies

14.2 Backscattering of a Bounded Ultrasonic Beam at Rayleigh Angle from Plane and Curved Liquid-Solid Interfaces

14.3 Parametric Interaction of Acoustic Waves in a Thermopiezosemiconducting Medium

Session 15 Acoustic Microscopy

15.1 Acoustic Microscopy: a New Tool for the Study of Condensed Matter

15.2 A Precision Acoustic Microscope for Surface Characterization

15.3 Acoustic Microscope with Rayleigh Angle Incidence

Session 16 Optoacoustics - 2

16.1 On the Diffraction of Light by Adjacent Parallel Ultrasonic Waves. A General Theory

16.2 Optical Generation of Surface Acoustic Waves for Photoacoustic Microscopy and Spectroscopy

Session 17 Transducers - 1

17.1 New Advances in the Generation of Directional Sonic and Ultrasonic Radiation

17.2 Temperature Distribution in an Ultrasonic Power Transducer

17.3 Field Structures of Disc Transducers with Specialized Electrode Configurations

17.4 Cyclic Strength of Piezoelectric Ceramics for Transducers

Session 18 Acoustic Emission - 2

18.1 Comparison of Simulated Acoustic Emission Sources

18.2 Particle Characterization by Acoustic Emission Analysis

18.3 Acoustic Emission Linear Pulse Holography

18.4 Acoustic Emission Study of Electromigration Induced Extrusions in Thin Film Al/Cu Conductors

Session 19 High Power Ultrasonics - 2

19.1 Nonlinear Acoustics: Ancient Foundations-Modern Objectives-Exciting Applications

19.2 Studies on the Ring Type Magnetic Ultrasonic Vibration Detector

19.3 Ultrasonics for Inhibiting Biofouling

19.4 Studies on Ultrasonic Metal Welding-on the Limit of Ultrasonic Spot Welding and on the Trial of Ultrasonic Butt Welding

19.5 Recent Advances in Ink Jet Technology

Session 20 Non-Destructive Testing - 4

20.1 An Ultrasonic Signal Analyzer for Automatic Inspection of Turbine Discs

20.2 Applications of Controlled Signals in Ultrasonic Testing of Materials

20.3 Far-Field Signals from Axis-Symmetric Sources in Elastic Plates

20.4 Defect Discrimination Using an Ultrasonic Echo Phase Method (Abstract Only)

Session 21 Transducers - 2

21.1 An under Liquid Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer

21.2 Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Efficiency of an Ultrasonic Transducer

21.3 Cardioid Directivity Conditions for a Hydrophone

21.4 Simulation of the Acousto-Electric Response of Ultrasonic Narrow Strip Transducers with Mechanical Losses

Session 22 Instrumentation

22.2 A Fourier Transform Technique for the Accurate Measurement of Phase Delay of Ultrasonic Waves for Residual Stress Determination

22.3 Wideband Spectral Analysis of Composite Materials

22.4 Automated Ultrasonic Inspection and Data Collection System

Session 23 Physics of Ultrasonics - 3

23.1 Acoustic Field Analysis of SAW Beams Parametrically Generated in Nonlinear Mixing Processes

23.2 Surface and Bulk Waves Interaction with Periodic Structures

23.3 Ultrasonic Elastic Wave Model Studies

23.4 Ultrasonic Testing of Anisotropic Media

Poster Sessions

1 A New Non-invasive Technique for Detecting the Presence of Liquid at a Specific Level in a Vessel

2 Leak Detection in Recovery Boilers Using Acoustic Emission

3 A High Resolution Relative Ranging System Using Demodulated Signal of Sinusoidal fm ultrasonic Wave

4 Impedance Profiling of Human Tissues

5 Photoelastic Visualization of Ultrasonic Waves in a Rail

6 Orientation and Structure of rf Sputtered Zinc Oxide Films on Metal Substrates

7 Shortening and Standardizing the Pulse Shape of Piezoelectric Transducers in the Megahertz Region

8 Polymerization Initiated by Ultrasonic Cavitation

9 Studies of Stress and Creep Relaxation under Ultrasonic Cyclic Loading

10 Ultrasonic Propagation in Plastically Deformed Sandstone (Abstract Only)

11 A Selective Audio Signaling System

12 Localized Hyperthermia by Ultrasound and its Repartition

13 Computer Control of Radiated Pressure from an Ultrasonic Projector

Panel Discussion 'Ultrasonics-Trends for the Future'

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© Butterworth-Heinemann 1983
16th December 1983
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About the Author

Sam Stuart

Dr. Sam Stuart is a physiotherapist and a research Fellow within the Balance Disorders Laboratory, OHSU. His work focuses on vision, cognition and gait in neurological disorders, examining how technology-based interventions influence these factors. He has published extensively in world leading clinical and engineering journals focusing on a broad range of activities such as real-world data analytics, algorithm development for wearable technology and provided expert opinion on technology for concussion assessment for robust player management. He is currently a guest editor for special issues (sports medicine and transcranial direct current stimulation for motor rehabilitation) within Physiological Measurement and Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, respectively.

Affiliations and Expertise

Physiotherapist and a Research Fellow within the Balance Disorders Laboratory, Department of Neurology, Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), Oregon, USA

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