Troubleshooting Windows 2000 TCP/IP

1st Edition

Authors: Syngress
Paperback ISBN: 9781928994114
eBook ISBN: 9780080481456
Imprint: Syngress
Published Date: 28th March 2000
Page Count: 608
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TCP/IP is a set of proposals developed to allow cooperating computers to share resources across a network. Some of the largest networks today are built on the TPC/IP protocol suite. Understanding how TCP/IP is "supposed" to work is not enough for today's network managers. In this book, readers will learn to prevent, detect, troubleshoot and correct TCP/IP network problems. By using products such as distributed sniffers, field metering tools and protocol analyses, network managers can learn a lot about what is going on in (or wrong in) an internetwork and be able to troubleshoot a live TPC/IP network. This book focuses specifically on identifying problem areas, including identifying and correcting protocol errors, DNS route problems, application faults and slow response times.

Syngress have sold over 700,000 Microsoft and Cisco certification guides in the last two years. Most of the administrators buying these will be interested in this book.

Key Features

  • TPC/IP is a very popular topic; readers will welcome a guide to troubleshooting and repairing problems
  • Tackles monitoring the network using protocol analyses
  • Teaches effective methods of baselining and trend analysis

Table of Contents

Preface Chapter 1: TCP/IP Overview Introduction TCP/IP's "Net" Worth More Power, More Flexibility—and More Potential for Problems What's Ahead in This Chapter TCP/IP: Where It Came From, and Where It's Going History of the TCP/IP Protocols The Future of TCP/IP Networking Models The Purpose of the Models The ISO OSI Model The DoD Model The Microsoft Windows 2000 Networking Model A Family of Protocols: The TCP/IP Suite Application Layer Protocols Transport Layer Protocols Network Layer Protocols TCP/IP Utilities Basic Network Design Planning as Preventative Medicine Testing and Implementation Summary FAQs Chapter 2: Setting up a Windows 2000 TCP/IP Network Introduction Designing a New Windows 2000 TCP/IP Network The Planning Team Planning the Hardware Configurations Planning the Physical Layout Planning for Sites Planning the Namespace Planning the Addressing Scheme Installing and Configuring Windows 2000 TCP/IP Installing TCP/IP on a Windows 2000 Computer Upgrading to Windows 2000 from Windows NT 4.0 The Windows NT Domain Models Other Pre-Upgrade Issues Common Upgrade Problems Migrating to Windows 2000 from Novell NetWare Understanding the NetWare Implementation of TCP/IP Premigration Issues Common Migration Problems Migrating to Windows 2000 from UNIX Understanding the UNIX Implementation of TCP/IP Peaceful Coexistence: The Hybrid Network Environment NetWare Interoperability UNIX Interoperability Interoperability with IBM Mainframe Networks Summary FAQs Chapter 3: General Windows 2000 TCP/IP Troubleshooting Guidelines


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