Research into thermal convection in porous media has substantially increased during recent years due to its numerous practical applications. These problems have attracted the attention of industrialists, engineers and scientists from many very diversified disciplines, such as applied mathematics, chemical, civil, environmental, mechanical and nuclear engineering, geothermal physics and food science. Thus, there is a wealth of information now available on convective processes in porous media and it is therefore appropriate and timely to undertake a new critical evaluation of this contemporary information.

Transport Phenomena in Porous Media contains 17 chapters and represents the collective work of 27 of the world's leading experts, from 12 countries, in heat transfer in porous media. The recent intensive research in this area has substantially raised the expectations for numerous new practical applications and this makes the book a most timely addition to the existing literature. It includes recent major developments in both the fundamentals and applications, and provides valuable information to researchers dealing with practical problems in thermal convection in porous media. Each chapter of the book describes recent developments in the highly advanced analytical, numerical and experimental techniques which are currently being employed and discussions of possible future developments are provided. Such reviews not only result in the consolidation of the currently available information, but also facilitate the identification of new industrial applications and research topics which merit further work.


Researchers and practitioners in applied mathematics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, physics, geophysics, biology and civil, mechanical, environmental and chemical engineering

Table of Contents

Preface. The fundamental theory of flow through permeable media from Darcy to turbulence (J.L. Lage). Transport phenomena in enclosed porous cavities (C.K. Chen, S.W. Hsiao). Heat conduction (Ping Cheng, Chin-Tsau Hsu). Onset of oscillatory convection in a porous medium (S. Kimura). Thermal nonequilibrium forced convection in porous media (A.V. Kuznetsov). Mathematical models for heat and mass transport in geothermal systems (R. McKibbin). Natural convection in a horizontal porous annulus (M.C. Charrier-Mojtabi, A. Mojtabi). A unified treatment of Darcy-Forchheimer boundary-layer flows (A. Nakayama). Transient convection heat transfer in a porous medium: external flows (I. Pop et al.). Thermal boundary-layer instabilities in porous media: a critical review (D.A.S. Rees). Effects of anisotropy on convective flow through porous media (L. Storesletten). Free convection in rotating porous media (P. Vadasz). Non-Darcian effects in confined forced convective flows (K. Vafai, A. Amiri). Natural convection in enclosures filled with anisotropic porous media (P. Vasseur, L. Robillard). Internal natural, forced and mixed convection in fluid-saturated porous medium (B.X. Wang et al.). Modeling multiphase flow and transport in porous media (C.Y. Wang). Convective heat flow from suddenly heated surfaces embedded in porous media (R. Bradean et al.).


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About the authors

Derek Ingham

Department of Applied Mathematics, Ingham Centre for Computational Fluid Dynamics, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

I. Pop

University of Cluj, Faculty of Mathematics, Romania