Tourism Security

1st Edition

Strategies for Effectively Managing Travel Risk and Safety

Print ISBN: 9780124115705
eBook ISBN: 9780124115729
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 6th June 2014
Page Count: 312
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Tourism security is an important part of both security management and tourism. Private security professionals and police departments in tourism cities, as well as hotels, major attractions, and theme parks, have all come to realize that tourism security and safety issues (often called tourism surety) are essential for industry survival and success. In Tourism Security, leading expert Peter Tarlow addresses a range of key issues in tourism safety and security.

The book guides the reader through a study of tourism security themes and best practices. Topics include the relationship between tourism security and the economy, hotel and motel security, risk and crisis management, public places, transportation, and legal issues. The book also includes case studies of four popular tourist destinations. With each destination, an interview with a police or security representative is included—providing unique, in-depth insight to security concerns.

Tourism Security is an invaluable resource for private security professionals, police departments that serve tourist destinations, and tourism professionals who work in hotels or convention centers, or at attractions, casinos, or events.

Key Features

  • Explains what tourism security is and outlines safety procedures for different tourism environments
  • Serves as a resource tool and how-to for implementing best practices
  • Includes detailed case studies of four popular tourist destinations: Charleston, South Carolina, the Dominican Republic, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Private security professionals and police departments who serve tourist destinations, as well as tourism professionals who work in hotels, at attractions, casinos, at events and in convention centers; students in security programs.

Table of Contents

    <li>Dedication</li> <li>Acknowledgments</li> <li>About the Author</li> <li>Foreword</li> <li>Foreword Two: Problems of Tourism Safety in Latin America</li> <li>Introduction</li> <li>Chapter 1: Introduction to Tourism Security<ul><li>Abstract</li><li>The Tourism Phenomenon</li><li>Tourism Terminology and History</li><li>Modern Tourism Definitions</li><li>Lack of a Unified Vocabulary</li><li>Tourism as a Social Phenomenon</li><li>Defining Tourism Security</li><li>Classical and Modern Travel Challenges</li><li>Concepts of Leisure and Leisure Travel</li><li>Tourism Security is More Than Criminal Behavior</li><li>Criminal Acts and Acts of Terrorism</li><li>Professional Fears of Addressing Crime and Terrorism</li><li>Pre and Post September 11, 2001</li><li>Tourism Safety, Security, and Surety in the Post-9/11 World</li><li>An Overview of Tourism Surety: The Pre-9/11 Years</li><li>The Post-9/11 Period</li><li>TOPPs: The First Defense Against Tourism Crimes</li><li>Summary</li></ul></li> <li>Chapter 2: The Relationship between Tourism Security and the Economy<ul><li>Abstract</li><li>Part 1: How Security, or the Lack of Security, Impacts the Tourism Industry&#x2019;s Economy</li><li>Part 2: How Tourism Security Must Face the Issues of Shrinking Budgets and How Security Personnel Must Do More with Less</li></ul></li> <li>Chapter 3: Hotel and Motel Security<ul><li>Abstract</li><li>Places of Lodging in the Tourism History</li><li>Hotel Security: The Overview</li><li>Common Problems</li><li>Hotel Challenges</li><li>Motel Challenges</li><li>Bed &#x2019;n Breakfast (B&amp;B) Challenges</li><li>Campgrounds and Other Lodging Challenges</li><li>Lodging Security in a Consistently Changing World</li><li>The Role of the Security Officer</li><li>Dealing with the Specifics of Lodging Security</li><li>Planning Lodging Security</li><li>Working with Others</li><li>Around the Hotel</li><li>Front Desk and Lobby Area</li><li>Front Desk Pe


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"...relevant and a suitable reference for all tourism and hospitality invaluable resource for law enforcement and the private security sector...a down-to-earth and easy-to-read style that would also make the book suitable as an undergraduate and graduate student reference."--Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Research, Tourism Security

"...timely in its release and a good reference for the tourism security manager…the meat of the book is valuable and all-inclusive...The best tools in the book deal with risk and crisis management."--Security Management, Tourism Security

"A book on tourism security wins reviewer Mark Rowe over…This book, then, does pose questions to security people in tourist cities...The book ends with four case studies from the Americas." -Professional Security Magazine Online, Sep 03, 2014