In the area of Digital Image Processing the new area of "Time-Varying Image Processing and Moving Oject Recognition" is contributing to impressive advances in several fields. Presented in this volume are new digital image processing and recognition methods, implementation techniques and advanced applications such as television, remote sensing, biomedicine, traffic, inspection, and robotics. New approaches (such as digital transforms, neural networks) for solving 2-D and 3-D problems are described. Many papers concentrate on motion estimation and recognition i.e. tracking of moving objects. Overall, the book describes the state-of-the-art (theory, implementation, applications) of this developing area, together with future trends. The work will be of interest not only to researchers, professors and students in university departments of engineering, communications, computers and automatic control, but also to engineers and managers of industries concerned with computer vision, manufacturing, automation, robotics and quality control.

Table of Contents

Digital Processing Methods and Techniques. Fast approximate calculation of the two-dimensional discrete fourier transform (Invited) (S.K. Mitra, O. Shentov). A constant-geometry multidimensional FFT (R. Bernardini, G. Cortelazzo, G.A. Mian). Estimation of the measurement covariance matrix in a Kalman filter (O. Bergem). Real-time computation of statistical moments on binary images using block representation (I.M. Spiliotis, B.G. Mertzios). Reducing segmentation errors through iterative region merging (S. Dellepiane). Pattern Recognition. Hypergraph based feature matching in a sequence of range images (Invited) (B. Sabata, J.K. Aggarwal). A geometrical correlation function for shape recognition (A. Loui, A.N. Venetsanopoulos). Spotting recognition of human gestures from motion images (K. Takahashi, S. Seki, R. Oka). Image Restoration. Motion-compensated filtering of noisy image sequences (Invited) (R.P. Kleihorst, J. Biemond, R.L. Lagendijk). Even-median filters for noisy image restoration (L. Alparone, M. Barni, V. Cappellini). Global probabilistic reinforcement of straight segments (C.S. Regazzoni). Implementation Techniques. Preliminary benchmark of low level processing algorithms on the ViP_1 parallel processor (G. Gugliotta, A. Machi). On the implementation of the polyspectra and cumulants via volterra kernels (B.G. Mertzios, A.N. Venetsanopoulos). A multitracking system for trajectory analysis of people in a restricted area (J. Aranda, C. Leon, M. Frigola). Computer Vision. Stereoscopic correcting pose of 3D model of object (M. Yamamoto, K. Ikeda). Camera calibration and error analysis. An application to binocular and trinocular stereoscopic system (F. Pedersini, S. Tubaro, F. Rocca). Stereo vision motion compensation (D.R. Broome). An autonomous mobile robot prototype for navigation in indoor environments (G. Garibotto, M. Ilic, S. Masciangelo).


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