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Third World Congress on Oxidation Catalysis - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780444827722, 9780080544717

Third World Congress on Oxidation Catalysis, Volume 110

1st Edition

Editors: S.T. Oyama A.M. Gaffney J.E. Lyons R.K. Grasselli
eBook ISBN: 9780080544717
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 12th September 1997
Page Count: 1247
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Table of Contents

Section headings and selected papers: Preface (R.K. Grasselli et al.). Featured Lectures. Molecular mechanism of heterogeneous oxidation-organic and solid state chemists' views (J. Haber). Selective oxidation of hydrocarbons catalyzed by heteropoly compounds (M. Misono et al.). Plenary Lectures. Molecular approach to active sites on metallic oxides for partial oxidation reactions (J.C. Védrine). Reductive and oxidative activation of oxygen for selective oxygenation of hydrocarbons (K. Otsuka). The selective epoxidation of non-allylic olefins over supported silver catalysts (J.R. Monnier). Part A. Structure Selectivity/Activity Correlation. Synergistic effects in multicomponent catalysts for selective oxidation (P. Courtine, E. Bordes). The nature of the active/selective phase in VPO catalysts and the kinetics of n-butane oxidation (D. Dowell, J.T. Gleaves). Structural and catalytic aspects of some nasicon-based mixed metal phosphates (P.A. Agaskar et al.). Structure and catalysis of LixNi2-xO2 oxide systems for oxidative coupling of methane (T. Miyazaki et al.). Active sites of vanadium-molybdenum-containing catalyst for allyl alcohol oxidation: ESR study in situ (O.V. Krylov et al.). Lower Alkane Oxidation. Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane over vanadium and niobium oxides supported catalysts (P. Ciambelli et al.). Oxidative conversion of LPG to olefins with mixed oxide catalysts: surface chemistry and reactions network (M.V. Landau et al.). Mechanistic aspects of propane oxidation over Ni-Co-Molybdate catalysts (D.L. Stern, R.K. Grasselli). Selective oxidation of propane into oxygenated compounds over promoted nickel-molybdenum catalysts (J. Barrault et al.). Formation of active phases in the Sb-V-, Al-Sb-V-, and Al-Sb-V-W-oxide systems for propane ammoxidation (J. Nilsson et al.). The role of metal oxides as promoters of V2O5/Y-Al2O3 catalysts in the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane (J.M. López et al.). Partial oxidation of C5 hydrocarbons to phthalic and maleic anhydrides over suboxides of vanadia: use of dicyclopentadiene as a probe molecule (U.S. Ozkan et al.). Catalytic oxidative dehydrogenation of isobutane in a Pd membrane reactor (T.M. Raybold, M.C. Huff). Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals. Chemoselective catalytic oxidation of polyols with dioxygen on gold supported catalysts (L. Prati, M. Rossi). Shape selective epoxidation of crotyl alcohol with H2O2 in the presence of TS-1 (G.J. Hutchings et al.). On the way redox-molecular sieves and multifunctional solid catalysts for the one-step conversion of olefins to aldehydes or ketones (M. van Klaveren, R.A. Sheldon). Oxidative coupling of isobutene in a two step process (H. Hiltner, G. Emig). Engineering and Environmental Applications. Catalytic wet air oxidation of wastewaters (J.C. Béziat et al.). Ammonia oxidation over CuO/TiO2 catalyst: selectivity and mechanistic study (G. Bagnasco et al.). Part B. Methane Activation. Oxidation processes on stoichiometric and nonstoichiometric hydroxyapatites (H. Hayashi et al.). Sustainable Ni/BaTiO3 catalysts for partial oxidation of methane to synthesis gas (R. Shiozaki et al.). Performance of catalytic properties of reagent catalyst in the processes such as methane oxidative coupling and hydrogen production by methane conversion (M.I. Levibuk et al.). Combustion. The effect of the PbO loading in the oxidative coupling of methane over PbO/SiO2 catalysts (H.J. Lugo et al.). Catalytic combustion of methane: activation and characterization of Pd/Al2O3 (M.G. Carneiro da Rocha, R. Frety). Catalyst Preparation. Understanding the surface chemistry for supported vanadium oxide systems modified with phosphorus oxide at hydrocarbons oxidation (V.A. Zazhigalov et al.). Oxidation catalysts prepared by mechanically and thermally induced spreading of Sb2O3 and V2O5 on TiO2 (U.A. Schubert et al.). Alternate Oxidants. Hydroxylation of benzene on ZSM5 type catalysts (M. Häfele et al.). Ethanol oxidation using ozone over supported manganese oxide catalysts: an in situ laser Raman study (W. Li, S.T. Oyama). Oxidation of Olefins and Aromatics. Toluene gas phase oxidation to benzaldehyde and phenol over V-containing micro- and mesoporous materials (G. Centi et al.). Coupled vanadyl centres in vanadium phosphorus oxide catalysts: essential structural units for effective catalytic performance in the ammoxidation of methylaromatics (A. Brückner et al.). Selective alkene epoxidation by molecular oxygen in the presence of aldehyde and different type catalysts containing cobalt (O.A. Kholdeeva et al.). Immobilization of triazacyclononane-type metal complexes on inorganic supports via covalent linking: spectroscopy and catalytic activity in olefin oxidation (Y.V. Subba Rao et al.). Oxidation in Confined Structures. Cyclohexene oxidation catalyzed by titanium modified hexagonal Y type zeolites (K.J. Balkus et al.). Selective oxidation of cyclohexane over rare earth exchanged zeolite Y (E.L. Pires et al.). Highly selective photochemical and dark oxidation of hydrocarbons by O2 in zeolites (H. Frei). Theoretical, Computational and Modeling Studies. Modeling the transient CO oxidation over platinum (T.A. Nijhuis et al.). Selectivity of active sites on oxide catalysts (C. Batiot et al.). Part C. Additional Oxidation Studies. The kinetics of the partial oxidation of methane to formaldehyde over a silica-supported vanadia catalyst (A.W. Sexton, B.K. Hodnett). Structural sensitivity of the oxidation reactions catalyzed by dispersed transition metal oxides: role of defect structure (V.A. Sadykov et al.). Selective oxidation catalysis over heteropoly acid supported on polymer (I.K. Song et al.). Oxidation of n-pentane to phthalic or maleic anhydride: the role of the VPO catalyst structural disorder (Z. Sobalik et al.). Peroxidase oxidation of phenol by catalase immobilized on carbon materials (E. Horozova et al.). Author Index.


The overall theme of the 3rd World Congress is "Atom Efficient Catalytic Oxidations for Global Technologies". This theme was chosen to stimulate the participants to report their findings with an emphasis on conserving valuable material in their catalytic transformations, as well as conserving energy, in an environmentally responsible manner. Progress towards this stated goal is substantial as evidenced by the tremendous response of the community in their participation of quality publications complied in these Proceedings of the Congress.

The subjects presented span a wide range of oxidation reactions and catalysts. These include the currently important area of lower alkane oxidation to the corresponding olefins, unsaturated aldehydes, acids and nitriles.

The four featured lectures and seven plenary lectures constitute the general background and overview of the subject matter at hand. The 104 contributed papers and 13 poster manuscripts, summarized in this compendium, probe new avenues to achieve catalytically efficient oxidation reactions for the future needs of mankind in a global environment.


For scientists and technologists from academia, industry and government laboratories working in the field of oxidation catalysis.


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12th September 1997
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