Thin Films in Tribology

1st Edition

Editors: G. Dalmaz T.H.C. Childs D. Dowson M. Godet C.M. Taylor
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444897893
eBook ISBN: 9780080875897
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 6th September 1993
Page Count: 746
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The tribological properties of relatively moving surfaces are greatly influenced by thin surface films which are of considerable importance in the design of machine components. From Victorian days when working lubricant films were calculated in tens of micrometres, to today when molecular dynamics simulations and even experiments are beginning to look at nanometre, single molecule thick films, the study of surfaces which is the tribologists' challenge has moved to finer and finer scales.

The 66 papers in this volume provide reviews across the tribological field with thin films as their theme, giving a comprehensive and concise description on topics ranging from coatings and surface modification to bio-tribology. The articles provide the reader with an outline of their most effective application and potential uses in new technologies. The volume will be of interest not only to research workers and design engineers in the fields of new machine developments and lubrication, but also to engineers and students specialising in tribology.

Table of Contents

Abbreviated. Sessions: I. Keynote Address. Thin films in tribology (D. Dowson). II. Invited Reviews. Non-newtonian effects in elastohydrodynamic lubrication (K.L. Johnson). Engineering the surface to combat wear (T. Bell). Local effects in thin film lubrication (C.M. Myllerup, B.J. Hamrock). III. Contact, Friction, Traction. The effect of oil film thickness in the rolling friction under line contact in the range 0.1 to 10&mgr;m (K. Matsubara et al.). IV. Coatings and Surface Modification (1). Wear and friction behavior of Ni-SiC composite coatings (E.A. Rosset et al.). V. Analysis and Design of Highly Stressed Components. Micro-wear of tapered roller bearings lubricated by oil with and without foreign particles (S. Noguchi et al.). VI. Invited Reviews. Mixed lubrication and lubricated wear (H.S. Cheng). Metal machining mechanics and tribology from the macro to the nano scale (T.H.C. Childs). VII. Elastohydrodynamics (1). Aspects of two-sided surface waviness in an EHL line contact (A.A. Lubrecht, C.H. Venner). VIII. Lubricated Wear. Effect of corrosion on the wear behavior of passivating metals in aqueous solutions (S. Mischler et al.). The boundaries of ZDDP lubrication (J.S. Sheasby, T.A. Caughlin). IX. Hardness and Metal Cutting. Small scale effects in metal cutting (J.A. Williams). X. Invited Reviews. Boundary lubrication and boundary films (H.A. Spikes). Simulations of lubricant behavior at the interface with bearing solids (P.A. Thompson et al.). XI. Elastohydrodynamics (2). Experimental study to analyse the tribological behavior of silicon carbide in water (A. Blouin, J. Frene). Fractionated thin film lubrication (A. Jullien et al.). XII. Coatings and Surface Modification (2). Wear mechanisms of coated sliding surfaces (K. Holmberg, A. Matthews). A methodolog


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About the Editor

G. Dalmaz

Affiliations and Expertise

Laboratoire de Mechanique des Contacts, INSA de Lyon, France

T.H.C. Childs

D. Dowson

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Mechanical Engineering/University of Leeds/Leeds/UK

M. Godet

Affiliations and Expertise

INSA, Laboratoire de Mecanique des Contacts, Villeurbanne, France

C.M. Taylor