Theory and Calculation of Heat Transfer in Furnaces covers the heat transfer process in furnaces, how it is related to energy exchange, the characteristics of efficiency, and the cleaning of combustion, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the simultaneous physical and chemical processes that occur in boiler combustion, flow, heat transfer, and mass transfer.

Key Features

  • Covers all the typical boilers with most fuels, as well as the effects of ash deposition and slagging on heat transfer
  • Combines mature and advanced technologies that are easy to understand and apply
  • Describes basic theory with real design that is based on meaningful experimental data


Senior undergraduates and graduates of energy and power engineering, and for those taking courses in boiler design, combustion engineering, thermal engineering, and furnace and heating device design. Engineers who design, manufacture, and operate boilers, heating devices, thermal power plants

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Symbols
  • Chapter 1: Theoretical Foundation and Basic Properties of Thermal Radiation
    • Abstract
    • 1.1. Thermal radiation theory—Planck’s law
    • 1.2. Emissive power and radiation characteristics
    • 1.3. Basic laws of thermal radiation
    • 1.4. Radiativity of solid surfaces
    • 1.5. Thermal radiation energy
    • 1.6. Radiative geometric configuration factors
    • 1.7. Simplified treatment of radiative heat exchange in engineering calculations
  • Chapter 2: Emission and Absorption of Thermal Radiation
    • Abstract
    • 2.1. Emission and absorption mechanisms
    • 2.2. Radiativity of absorbing and scattering media
    • 2.3. Scattering
    • 2.4. Absorption and scattering of flue gas
  • Chapter 3: Radiation Heat Exchange Between Isothermal Surfaces
    • Abstract
    • 3.1. Radiative heat exchange between surfaces in transparent media
    • 3.2. Radiative heat exchange between an isothermal medium and a surface
    • 3.3. Radiative heat exchange between a flue gas and a heating surface with convection
  • Chapter 4: Heat Transfer in Fluidized Beds
    • Abstract
    • 4.1. Fundamental concepts of fluidized beds
    • 4.2. Convective heat transfer in gas–solid flow
    • 4.3. Radiative heat transfer in gas–solid flow
    • 4.4. Heat transfer calculation in a circulating fluidized bed
  • Chapter 5: Heat Transfer Calculation in Furnaces
    • Abstract
    • 5.1. Heat transfer in furnaces
    • 5.2. Heat transfer calculation in suspension-firing furnaces
    • 5.3. Heat transfer calculation in grate furnaces
    • 5.4. Heat transfer calculation in fluidized bed furnaces


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