More than 900 authors from over 35 countries contributed to the 1992 International Congress on Rheology. These proceedings volumes comprise 17 plenary and keynote papers, 250 oral contributions and some 200 poster presentations. All relevant aspects of rheology are covered, e.g., theoretical rheology, molecular theories, fluid mechanics, rheometry, experimental methods, foams, polymer solutions, polymer melts, rubber, solids, composites, biorheology, industrial rheology, polymer processing, food rheology and electrorheology, reflecting the development of rheology into a broad, multidisciplinary field of recognized academic and industrial relevance.

Table of Contents

Volume 1. Plenary Papers. Role of molecular modeling in polymer rheology (G. Marrucci). Rheology, structure, boundary conditions and industrial applications (A.B. Metzner). Rheology and computation (R.I. Tanner). Recent developments in rheometry (K. Walters). Keynote Papers. Measurement of velocity and stress fields in complex polymer flows (R.C. Armstrong et al.). Viscoelastic flow instabilities: inception and non-linear evolution (A.N. Beris, M. Avgousti). The shear stress transducer: rheological applications (J.M. Dealy). Surface-induced effects in polymer melt flow (M.M. Denn). Rheology of a system with a mesoscopic domain structure (M. Doi). Optical rheometry (G.G. Fuller). Competition between inertial pressures and normal stresses in flow-induced anisotropy of solid particles (D.D. Joseph et al.). Texture of a liquid crystalline polymer during shear (R.G. Larson et al.). The influence of interface and volume properties of polymer melts on their die flow stability (J.M. Piau, N. El Kissi). Contributed Papers Molecular Theories (4 papers + 1 poster). Constitutive Equations (12 papers + 5 posters). Theory (5 papers + 13 posters). Fluid Mechanics (22 papers + 15 posters). Numerical Simulation (16 papers + 17 posters). Melts and Polymer Processing (33 papers + 29 posters). Polymer Solutions (20 papers + 10 posters). Author Index. Contents of Volume 2. Contributed Papers (Continued). Liquid Crystals (18 papers + 7 posters). Suspensions (22 papers + 26 posters). Foams and Emulsions (5 papers + 7 posters). Food Rheology (8 papers + 10 posters). Biorheology (8 papers + 8 posters). Electrorheology (5 papers + 6 posters). Rheology of Solids (10 papers + 16 posters). Composite Materials (14 papers + 7 posters). Rheometry and Experimental Methods (25 papers + 19 posters). Instrumentation (12 papers + 9 posters). Late Submission (1 paper). Author Index.


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