This volume of Methods in Cell Biology, the second of two parts on the subject of zebrafish, provides a comprehensive compendium of laboratory protocols and reviews covering all the new methods developed since 1999.

Key Features

* Details state-of-the art zebrafish protocols, delineating critical steps in the procedures as well as potential pitfalls * Illustrates many techiques in full-color * Summarizes the Zebrafish Genome Project


Developmental biologists, neurobiologists, and cell biologists.

Table of Contents

  1. Live imaging of the cytoskeleton in early cleavage stage zebrafish embryos.
  2. Martin Wühr, Nikolaus D. Obholzer, Sean G. Megason, H. William Detrich, III, Timothy J. Mitchison

  3. Analysis of Cell Proliferation, Senescence and Cell Death in Zebrafish Embryos
  4. Daniel Verduzco and James F. Amatruda

  5. Analysis of Cilia Structure and Function in Zebrafish
  6. Jarema Malicki, Andrei Avanesov, Jade Li, Shiaulou Yuan, Zhaoxia Sun

  7. Cellular Dissection of Zebrafish Hematopoiesis
  8. David L Stachura, David Traver

  9. Zebrafish lipid metabolism: From mediating early patterning to the metabolism of dietary fat and cholesterol
  10. Jennifer L. Anderson, Juliana D. Carten, Steven A. Farber

    Part II: Developmental and Neural Biology

  11. Development of the Zebrafish Enteric Nervous System
  12. Iain Shepherd, Judith Eisen

  13. A Guide to Analysis of Cardiac Phenotypes in the Zebrafish Embryo
  14. Deborah Yelon, Grant I. Miura

  15. Chemical Approaches to Angiogenesis in Development and Regeneration
  16. Joanne Chan, Sean Hasso

  17. Laser-induced Thrombosis in Zebrafish
  18. Pudur Jagadeeswaran, Maira Carrillo, Uvaraj P. Radhakrishnan, Surendra K. Rajpurohit and Seongcheol Kim

  19. Endoderm Specification, Liver Development, and Regeneration
  20. Trista E. North, Wolfram Goessling

  21. Morphogenesis of the zebrafish jaw: Development beyond the embryo
  22. Kevin J. Parsons, Viktoria Andreeva, W. James Cooper, Pamela C. Yelick, R. Craig Albertson

  23. Associative learning in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Robert Gerlai


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