This book examines the history, management and technical aspects of the Dewey Decimal Classification system (DDC), the world’s most popular library classification. The main emphasis is on explaining the structure and number building techniques in the DDC. The book reviews all aspects of subject analysis and number building by the latest edition of the DDC.

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The profile of China’s venture capital market; Fundraising of Chinese venture capital: Legal problems and reform measures: Commercial bank law of the PRC; Insurance law of the PRC; Provisional regulation of national social security funds; Mutual funds law of the PRC; Reform measures; Operation of Chinese venture capital: Legal problems and reform measures: Partnership Enterprises Law of the PRC; Tax law of the PRC; Reform measures; Exit of Chinese Venture Capital: Legal problems and reform measures: Listing rules of SME Board of China; Provisional regulation for foreign investors to acquire Chinese domestic enterprises; Reform measures; Conclusion: How long will it take for reform to take place in China?


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About the editor

M. P. Satija

M. P. Satija is a Professor of Library and Information Science at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India. He has been writing about the DDC and other related areas in knowledge organization, in international journals, for the last two decades. He has collaborated with the two successive chief editors of the DDC, and is the Indian Coordinator of the International Society for Knowledge Organization.