The Physiology of Growth

The Physiology of Growth

1st Edition - January 28, 1978

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  • Author: Richard Goss
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323149785

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The Physiology of Growth focuses on the physiological mechanisms underlying the growth of organs and tissues such as the epidermis, connective tissues, bone and cartilage, blood cells, and the heart. The atrophy and hypertrophy of muscle, adaptive plasticity of the nervous system, and neural regulation of salivary glands are also explored. Comprised of 24 chapters, this book opens with an overview of the nature of growth, ways to measure growth, and theories of growth. The discussion then turns to the renewal of epidermis; the growth of connective tissues such as collagen and keloids; physical regulation of bone growth and cartilage regrowth; and turnover of blood cells. The following chapters focus on the link between hypertension and heart growth; expansion of arteries and veins; muscle atrophy and hypertrophy; and intraocular regulation of lens development. The effect of lactation on the growth of the mammary glands is also considered, along with liver degeneration and experimental regulation of the testis. This monograph is intended for physiologists, developmental biologists, and students of histology.

Table of Contents

  • Preface

    1 Introduction

    The Strategy of Growth

    Tactics and Parameters

    Theories of Growth


    2 Renewal of the Epidermis

    Turnover and the Epidermal Proliferative Unit

    The Wound Healing Response

    The Morphogenesis of Hairs and Feathers

    Regeneration of Epidermal Appendages

    The Unsolved Problem of Tooth Eruption

    Patterns of Tooth Replacement

    Neurotrophic Maintenance of Taste Buds


    3 Connective tissues

    Collagen and Keloids

    Wound Contraction

    The Ubiquitous Fibroblast

    Fat Cells: Size versus Number

    The Causes of Obesity


    4 Bone and Cartilage

    Physical Regulation of Bone Growth

    The Unsolved Problem of Bone Elongation

    Broken Bones

    The Regrowth of Cartilage

    Ectopic Ossification


    5 Turnover of Blood Cells





    6 Vascular Expansion


    The Atrophy of Blood Vessels

    Blood Pressure and Arterial Hypertrophy

    Collateral Circulation

    The Sensitivity of the Endothelium

    The Atherosclerotic Reaction


    7 Hypertension and Heart Growth

    Differentiation versus Proliferation

    Hypertrophy of the Overloaded Heart

    Growth and Atrophy of Heart Grafts


    8 Muscle: Atrophy versus Hypertrophy

    How Muscles Grow

    Satellite Cells

    Fiber Types

    Reactions to Exercise


    Denervation Atrophy

    Hypertrophy of Denervated Muscles

    Pharmacological Denervation

    Cross-Reinnervation and Hyperinnervation

    Regeneration and Transplantation



    9 Adaptive Plasticity of the Nervous System

    Schwann Cells

    Neural Specificity

    Peripheral Nerve Regeneration

    Expansion of the Retina

    Renewal and Regeneration of the Retina

    CNS Regeneration

    Experimental Modification of Brain Size


    10 Intraocular Control of Lens Development

    Crystallin Proteins

    Cell Proliferation in the Lens Epithelium

    Size and Polarity

    Lens Regeneration


    11 Lactation and Mammary Growth

    The Suckling Stimulus

    Aging of Grafted Glands


    12 Neural Regulation of Salivary Glands

    Normal Growth and Humoral Influences

    Adaptations to Functional Alterations


    13 The Exocrine Pancreas

    Ethionine-Induced Degeneration

    The Soybean Effect


    14 Liver Regeneration

    The Regenerative Response

    Humoral Growth Regulators

    The Growth of Liver Grafts

    Detoxification of Drugs


    15 Functional Demand in the Digestive Tract

    The Growth of Gastric Glands

    The Size of the Stomach

    Intestinal Villi

    Compensatory Growth of the Intestine


    16 Compensatory Pulmonary Hypertrophy

    The Number of Alveoli

    Responses to Physiological Alterations

    Growth of the Nonfunctional Lung


    17 The Physiology of Renal Growth

    The Number of Nephrons

    Compensatory Renal Hypertrophy

    Physiological Adaptations

    Endocrine Influences

    Renal Reactions to the Cold

    Humoral Growth Control

    Excretion versus Reabsorption

    Hydronephrosis and Renal Counterbalance

    Repair of the Damaged Kidney

    The Growth of Grafted Kidneys


    18 Pressure on the Bladder

    Repair of the Urothelium

    Regeneration of Bladder and Ureters

    Distention versus Contraction

    Denervation Hypertrophy


    19 Non-reproductive Endocrine Glands


    Parathyroids and Ultimobranchial Bodies

    Islets of Langerhans

    Juxtaglomerular Apparatus

    Adrenal Cortex


    20 Experimental Regulation of the Testis

    Kinetics of Spermatogenesis

    Hormonal Control of Seminiferous Tubules

    Compensatory Spermatogenesis


    Chemical Destruction of the Testis

    Testicular Effects of Vasectomy


    21 Cycles of Ovarian Growth

    Compensatory Ovarian Hypertrophy

    The Corpus Luteum

    Pineal Control of Breeding Seasons


    22 The Pregnant Uterus

    Distention and Regression

    The Decidual Reaction


    23 The Placental Connection

    On the Nature of Viviparity

    Relations to the Embryo and Fetus

    Maternal Factors Controlling Placental Growth

    Immunological Problems of Pregnancy


    24 From Embryo to Adult

    Maternal Influences on Prenatal Development

    Inherent Control of Fetal Growth

    Determinate versus Indeterminate Size



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  • No. of pages: 454
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1978
  • Published: January 28, 1978
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323149785

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