The Physics of SiO2 and Its Interfaces

The Physics of SiO2 and Its Interfaces

Proceedings of the International Topical Conference on the Physics of SiO2 and Its Interfaces Held at the IBM Thomas J. Waston Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York, March 22-24, 1978

1st Edition - January 1, 1978

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  • Editor: Sokrates T. Pantelides
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483139005

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The Physics of SiO2 and Its Interfaces covers the proceedings of the International Topical Conference on the Physics of SiO2 and its Interfaces, held at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York on March 22-24, 1978. The book focuses on the properties, reactions, transformations, and structures of silicon dioxide (SiO2). The selection first discusses the electronic properties of vitreous SiO2 and small polaron formation and motion of holes in a-SiO2. Discussions focus on mobility edges and polarons, deep states in the gap, and excitons. The text also ponders on field-dependent hole and exciton transport in SiO2 and electron emission from SiO2 into vacuum. The publication takes a look at the electronic structures of crystalline and amorphous SiO2; band structures and electronic properties of SiO2; and optical absorption spectrum of SiO2. The text also tackles chemical bond and related properties of SiO2; topological effects on the band structure of silica; and properties of localized SiO2 clusters in layers of disordered silicon on silver. The selection is a good reference for physicists and readers interested in the physics of silicon dioxide.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter I: Transport Properties and Tunneling

    Electronic Properties of Vitreous Silicon Dioxide

    Small Polaron Formation and Motion of Holes in a-Si02

    Field Dependent Hole Transport in Amorphous Si02

    Exciton Transport in Si02

    High-Electric Field Transport of Electrons in Si02

    Electron Emission from Silicon Dioxide Into Vacuum

    Electron Transport in Silicon Oxynitride

    The Nature of Electron Tunneling in Si02

    Evidence for a Band Tail on the Conduction Band Edge of Thermal Si02 from Photon-Assisted Tunneling Measurements

    Chapter II: Electronic Structure and Spectra

    Electronic Structure of Crystalline and Amorphous Si02

    Electronic Structure of α-Quartz and the Influence of Some Local Disorder: A Tight-binding Study

    Electronic Structure Investigations of Two Allotropie Forms of Si02: α-Quartz and β-Cristobalite

    Band Structures and Electronic Properties of Si02

    K X-ray Spectra of Amorphous and Crystalline Si02

    The Optical-Absorption Spectrum of Si02

    Inelastic Electron Scattering in Si02

    Electronic Structure of Si02 from Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy

    The Absorption and Photoconductivity Spectra of Vitreous Si02

    Calculated and Measured Auger Lineshapes in Si02

    Is Silicon Dioxide Covalent or Ionic?

    Chemical Bond and Related Properties of Si02

    Topological Effects on the Band Structure of Silica

    Chapter III: Thermal and Structural Properties

    Heat Pulse Experiments on Vitreous Si02 in the Temperature Range 2.5-300K

    Thermal Conductivity of Si02

    Neutron Diffraction by Vitreous Silica

    Raman Spectra and Atomic Configurations of Vitreous Silica

    Electrostriction and Piezoelectricity of Thermally Grown Si02 Films

    Critical Need for S(k,ω) Determinations in Amorphous Si02: Calculation of Physical Properties Via Frozen Liquid Phonons

    Properties of Localized Silicon-Dioxide Clusters in Layers of Disordered Silicon on Silver

    Chapter IV: Defects and Impurities in Thermal Si02

    The Properties of Electron and Hole Traps in Thermal Si02 Layers Grown on Silicon

    Dynamic Behavior of Mobile Ions in Si02 Layers

    Photo-injection Studies of Traps in HC1/H20 Oxides

    Photodepopulation of Electrons Trapped in Si02 on Sites Related to As and P Implantation

    Chemical State of Phosphorus in Deposited Si02(P) Films

    Spectroscopic and Structural Properties of Nitrogen-Doped Low-Temperature Si02 Films

    Some Observations of Defects in Amorphous Si02 Films

    Measurement of Hydrogen Profiles in Si02 by a Nuclear Reaction Technique

    Interaction of Dissolved Molecular Hydrogen with a Vitreous Silica Host

    Hydrogen in Si02 Films on Silicon

    ESR Centers and Charge Defects Near the Si/Si02 Interface

    Chapter V: Defects and Impurities in α-Quartz and Fused Silica

    Defects and Impurities in α-Quartz and Fused Silica

    A Germanium Tri-Hydrogen Center in α-Quartz

    Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies on Al Centers in Vitreous Silica

    Oxygen-Associated Trapped Hole Centers in High-Purity Fused Silica

    A Model for Point Defects in Silica

    Auger Spectra of Si02 Surface Defect Centers

    Vibrational and Electronic Spectroscopy of Ion-Implantation-Induced

    Defects in Fused Silica and Crystalline Quartz

    Raman Studies of Structural Defects in Vitreous Si02

    Cathodoluminescence Studies of Si02 - Na, Cl, Ge, Cu, Au, and Oxygen Vacancy Results

    Anomalous Dielectric Absorption in Si02-Based Glasses

    XPS Study of Sodium Oxide in Amorphous Si02

    Modification of SiOx

    Intrinsic Surface Phonons in Porous Glass

    Positronium-Surface Interaction in the Pores of Vycor Glass

    Ion Irradiation and Stored Energy in Vitreous Si02

    Chapter VI: Electronic Structure of the Si-Si02 Interface

    Electronic States of Si-Si02 Interfaces

    The Defect Structure of the Si-Si02 Interface, A Model Based on Trivalent Silicon and Its Hydrogen "Compounds"

    Electronic Structure of a Model Si-Si02 Interface

    Chapter VII: The Stoichiometry of the Si-Si02 Interface

    Continuous-Random-Network Models for the Si-Si02 Interface

    Studies of the Si-Si02 Interface by MeV Ion Scattering

    Transmission Electron Microscopy of Microstructural Defects in Si-Si02 Systems - Si Clusters in Si02 Film

    A High-Resolution Electron Microscopy Study of the Si-Si02 Interface

    Structure of the Si-Si02 Interface by Internal Photoemission

    Auger Sputter Profiling Studies of the Si-Si02 Interface

    Auger Analysis of the Si02/Si Interface of Ultrathin Oxides

    Studies of Si/Si02 Interfaces and Si02 by XPS

    X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Si02-Si Interfacial Regions

    Chemical Structure of the Transitional Region of the Si02/Si Interface

    MOS Solar Cell as a Tool to Study the Transition Region

    Associated with Ultra Thin Films of SiOx

    Chapter VIII: Interface Properties

    Initial Stages of Si02 Formation on Si(111)

    The Si-Si02 Interface and Localization in the Inversion Layer

    Metastabilities at the Si-SiOx Interface

    Photocapacitance Probing of Si-Si02 Interface States

    Transient Capacitance Measurements of Electronic States at the SiOz-Si Interface

    Interface States Resulting from a Hole Flux Incident on the Si02/Si Interface

    The Influence of the pH on the Surface State Density at the Si02-Si Interface

    The Si-Si02 Interface: Oxide Charge, Electron Affinity and Fast Surface States

    Lateral Nonuniformities (LNU) of Oxide and Interface State Charge

    Temperature Dependence of Relaxation of Injected Charge at the PolycrystalIine-SUicon/Si02 Interface

    Effects of Ultra-thin SiOx in Conducting M-I-S Structures

    Confirmation of Hydrogen Surface States at the Si-Si02 Interface

    Electrical Properties of Si02-Si Interface for Deformed Si Surfaces

    Shear Strength of Metal-Si02 Contacts

    List of Participants

    Author Index

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  • No. of pages: 500
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1978
  • Published: January 1, 1978
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483139005

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