The Philosophy and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing

1st Edition

Selected Writings


  • Phil Barker
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    Table of Contents

    DEVELOPING THE PROPER FOCUS OF NURSING · Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Interaction · The Philosophy of Psychiatric Nursing · Healing Lives and Mending Minds/Clinical Supervision: The Promise and the Challenge · THE CHALLENGE OF WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP · Where Care Meets Treatment: Common Ethical Conflicts in Psychiatric Nursing · Blind in One Eye: Ethical Issues in Psychotherapy · Empowerment: The Realities of Patient Participation · The Eye of the Needle: Research and the Proper Focus of Nursing · FACING THE CHALLENGE · Integrating Evidence and Belief · The Nursing Care of People with Affective Disorder: A Review of the Literature · Messages from the Underworld: Caring for People in Psychosis · An Experiemental Evaluation of Specific Nursing Interventions in Patients with Manic Depressive Psychosis · Implications for the Development of Nursing Practice in Caring for People with Affective Psychosis: The Last Wave? · Promoting Growth and Development in Community Psychiatric Nursing


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    Phil Barker

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    Professor of Psychiatric Nursing Practice, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK