The Mollusca, Volume 7: Reproduction presents the significant features of reproduction for one of the significant major molluscan groups. This book reviews the reproductive biology of land snails, which offers the basis for making fascinating comparisons with other terrestrial groups in illustrating how evolutionary various groups solved their common problem of laying eggs. Organized into six chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the reproductive biology of prosobrach gastropods. This text then provides a comparative morphology of land snail reproductive anatomy. Other chapters consider the endocrine control of the female reproductive activity of Lymnaea stagnalis. This book discusses as well the transition in intraspecific and interspecific sexuality. The final chapter deals with cephalopod reproductive biology. This book is a valuable resource for readers who are in need of more appropriate animal systems for solving research problems pertaining to general reproduction, cytology, sex determination, biochemistry, gamete biology, neuroendocrinology, and evolutionary biology.

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Contributors. General Preface. Preface. Contents of Other Volumes. Prosobranches, V. Fretter. Land Snails (Stylommatophora), A.S. Tompa. Freshwater Snails (Basommatophora), W.P.M. Geraerts and J. Joose. Opisthobranchs, M.G. Hadfield and M. Switzer-Dunlap. Bivalves, G.L. Mackie. Cephalopods, J.M. Arnold. Index to Scientific Names. Subject Index.


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