The Initial Psychotherapy Interview

1st Edition

A Gay Man Seeks Treatment

Editors: Charles Silverstein
Hardcover ISBN: 9780123851468
eBook ISBN: 9780123851475
Imprint: Elsevier
Published Date: 19th January 2011
Page Count: 344
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This book provides comprehensive coverage of the initial interview with a gay male client. It first provides a transcript of the entire interview. It then covers in-depth a set of universal themes, and finally includes commentary on and analysis of the interview from a range of the most widely used theoretical perspectives.

It is designed to teach the foundations of conducting an initial interview and therapists in training, as well as experienced mental health workers will find it invaluable.


--Winner of the Distinguished Book Award, APA 2011--


Key Features

  • Editor is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Human Identity
  • Presents a realistic model of interviewing, and cautions the therapist in training not to grasp for the unreachable; perfection
  • Every chapter in the book discusses the insights and mistakes by the psychologist conducting the interview


Graduates in clinical or counseling psychology and counseling, social work and mental health professionals

Table of Contents

Part One: The Initial Interview

1 Introduction - Charles Silverstein

2 Scott’s Interview (Transcript)- Charles Silverstein

3 The Initial Psychotherapy Interview - Charles Silverstein

4 Variations on Gender and Orientation in Scott’s First Interview - Margaret Nichols

5 Institutional Aspects of the Initial Interview - Ronald E. Hellman

Part Two: Problem Behaviors

6 Death and Bereavement - Michael C. Singer

7 An Attachment Perspective on the First Interview (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) - Gil Tunnell

8 Understanding Self-Report of Sexual Abuse in an Initial Clinical Interview - John C. Gonsiorek

9 Sex, Drugs, and HIV (Clinical Issues and Assessment Strategies) - Peter S. Theodore

Part Three: Treatment Modalities

10 Motivational Interviewing for Health Behavior Problems - Donald Bux

11 Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy - DeMond M. Grant and LaRicka R. Wingate

12 Family Systems (The Relational Contexts of Individual Symptoms) - Corinne Datchi-Phillips

13 Listening as a Psychoanalyst - Ralph Roughton

14 Psychodrama (In Search of Meaning Through Action) - Jacob Gershoni

15 Gay-Affirmative Psychotherapy in Real Time (A First Interview) - Armand R. Cerbone


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About the Editor

Charles Silverstein

Affiliations and Expertise

Institute for Human Identity, New York, USA


"Therapists are often called on to work with gay patients, but may not feel sufficiently qualified to deal with the issues associated with being a sexual minority. This volume is precisely what practicing therapists need to read to increase their clinical effectiveness with this population. Vividly illustrated with clinical material, it contains invaluable information for working with gay patients."--Marvin R. Goldfried, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, President, Society of Clinical Psychology (APA Div 12), Department of Psychology, Stony Brook University, NY

"A powerful, captivating account of how a clinician approaches the initial interview with a gay male. The author uses the personal, narrative transcript of the interview as a jumping off point for an insightful discussion that guides the reader through the experiences of a gay man entering psychotherapy. The transcript and Dr. Silverstein’s subsequent chapters would be enough to make this book an excellent purchase---but he goes on to provide a multi-faceted exploration of various treatment modalities and perspectives from various clinicians. The book includes well-researched review of the dark time in psychology where homosexuality was seen as a mental disorder. This is an excellent resource for clinicians new to conducting an initial clinical interview as well as seasoned clinicians looking for new perspectives and ideas. A solid investment."--Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D., President- American College Counseling Association, Director of Counseling and Testing at Western Kentucky University

"Charles Silverstein has always been a pioneer in the treatment of LGBT patients. In presenting his patient’s process notes and then inviting input from seasoned clinicians working in diverse perspectives, he creatively uses therapist subjectivity as a learning tool. Novice therapists will find The Initial Interview: A Ga