Table of Contents


  • Dedication
  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Security
    • What is private security?
    • Development of private security in the United States
    • Security development and the future
    • September 11, 2001
    • New guidelines from ASIS
    • Summary
  • Chapter 2. Security Personnel
    • Standard 2.1 Training in private security
    • Standard 2.2 Professional certification programs
    • Standard 2.3 Job descriptions
    • Standard 2.4 Training related to job functions
    • Standard 2.5 Preassignment and basic training
    • Standard 2.6 Arms training
    • Standard 2.7 Ongoing training
    • Standard 2.8 Training of supervisors and managers
    • Standard 2.9 State authority and responsibility for training
    • Standard 2.10 State boards to coordinate training efforts
    • Hallcrest I
    • Hallcrest II
    • Number of employees
    • Some security guard companies are growing
    • ASIS International Private Security Officer Selection and Training Guideline
    • Recruitment of security officers
    • Training
    • Job description and performance evaluation
    • Security personnel
    • Summary
  • Chapter 3. Company Policies and Procedures
    • Important note for company-specific and site-specific procedures
    • Site-specific training and site orientation
    • Other post duties
    • Summary
  • Chapter 4. Ethics
    • What is ethics?
    • Ethical violations or cardinal sins of security officers
    • Reporting of ethical violations
    • Summary
    • Case study #1
    • Case study #2
    • Ethics questions
  • Chapter 5. Professionalism
    • Observe and report
    • Reduce improper behavior
    • Create peace of mind
    • Complement and sup


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"Without a doubt, security personnel would benefit from the knowledge contained therein." --ASIS Dynamics

"The third edition of The Effective Security Officer’s Training Manual is incredibly thorough. Virtually every subject that a security officer should be aware of has been addressed. I highly recommend this publication to every security officer who wants a clear explanation of the tools, skills, and resources essential to their everyday success; and to all security supervisors and managers involved in training security personnel." --Geoff Craighead, CPP, author of High-Rise Security and Fire Life Safety, and vice president, Universal Protection Service