Over a lifetime's work with the group, John Warham has firmly established himself as one of the foremost experts on these birds. In this book he completes the major survey started in his earlier work, The Petrels: Their Ecology and Breeding Systems. The text is comprehensive, well illustrated, and fully referenced. Together with the earlier, companion volume, this encyclopedic treatment presents an amazingly detailed, yet accessible introduction to this important, much-studied bird family, for the biologist, the conservation manager, and the dedicated amateur ornithologist.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Authored by an authoritative expert in the field * Explores an important, model group of birds * Appeals to a conservation interest


Professional ornithologists and animal ecological behaviorists, avian conservation biologists, as well as amateur ornithologists will find this a valuable text.

Table of Contents

Preface. Petrel Populations. Petrels at Sea: Distribution, Dispersal, and Migration. Feeding and Foods. Behavior and Vocalizations: A General Introduction. Behavior of Albatrosses. Behavior and Vocalizations of Procellariidae, Hydrobatidae, and Polecanoididae. Physiology and Energetics. Biochemistry. Locomotion. Anatomical Matters. Evolution and Radiation. Petrels and Man. References. Species Index. Subject Index.


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@qu:"This is an extraordinarily detailed, comprehensive, and technical book. ...It is a researcher's dream and will be eagerly read by seabird scientists and enthusiasts." @source:—BIRD WATCHER'S DIGEST (January/February 2002) @qu:"The author clearly has a vast and fundamental grasp of the petrel literature, presented in an easy to read and clear form. John Warham is a master of understanding these birds and his contributions are an invaluable resource and service to all. His books are the place to begin when dealing with these birds." @source:--PACIFIC SEABIRDS @qu:"The volume under review lives up to the reputation established by the earlier book. The two volumes are, in fact, a remarkable achievement for one person, and a large debt of gratitude is owed to Warham for this magnificent contribution to seabird biology." @source:--G. Causey Whittow in THE PHYSIOLOGIST @qu:"I recommend this book unreservedly for anyone who has the slightest interest in Petrels, Shearwaters or Albatrosses." @source:--Angus Erskine in SCOTTISH ORNITHOLOGISTS MAGAZINE @qu:"Dr. Warham deserves the gratitude of all who are interested in petrels for the effort that he has put into this book, which brings together and assimilates a vast amount of information." @source:--G. Causey Whittow in BIOLOGIST @qu:"In preparation of this book, John Warham has pooled together his own unequalled life long interest and knowledge, of petrels together with researchers from around the world. This has resulted in an outstanding publication on the lives and workings of the Petrels... This book has a wealth of knowledge to offer." @source:--SOUTHERN OCEAN SEABIRD STUDY ANNUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA @qu:"Truly an exceptional book from an exceptional author." @source:--Lindsay E. Smith,Editor ALBATROSS @qu:"Great stuff!" @sou