Temperature - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9780125696814, 9781483259345


2nd Edition

Authors: T. J. Quinn
Editors: T. J. Quinn
eBook ISBN: 9781483259345
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 20th November 1990
Page Count: 508
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Temperature, Second Edition gives a comprehensive account of the principles of thermometry over the range 0.5 K to about 3000 K. The book focuses on various topics on the field of thermometry such as the full description of the ITS-90, its practical application and preparation; accounts of total radiation thermometry and acoustic gas thermometry using spherical resonators; and the development of sealed cells for the realization of fixed points. The construction and use of high-temperature platinum resistance thermometers; introduction of the use of gold-platinum thermocouple; and the calibration and practical application of radiation thermometers are discussed as well. Physicists, engineers, researchers, and students will find the book a good reference.

Table of Contents


Preface to the First Edition

Preface to the Second Edition

List of Abbreviations

Note Regarding References to the Proceedings of the Symposia on Temperature

1. The Meaning of Temperature and the Development of thermometry

1-1 Temperature: Some Basic Ideas

1-2 Temperature in Classical Thermodynamics

1-3 Temperature in Statistical Mechanics

1-4 Thermal Equilibrium, Temperature in Non-Equilibrium

Conditions, and Negative Temperatures

1-5 Numerical Values of T, K and R

1-6 The Origins of thermometry

1-7 Primary and Secondary Thermometry

2. Thermodynamic and Practical Temperature Scales

2-1 Introduction

2-2 The Normal Hydrogen Scale

2-3 The Origins of the International Temperature Scale of 1927

2-4 The Principles of A Practical Temperature Scale

2-5 The Evolution of Its-27 and Its Modifications in 1948

2-6 The New Definition of the Unit of thermodynamic Temperature: The Kelvin

2-7 The International Practical Temperature Scale of 1968 (IPTS-68)

2-8 The Uniqueness of IPTS-68 At Low Temperatures

2-9 The 1976 Provisional 0.5 K To 30 K Temperature Scale (EPT-76)

2-10 The 1958 4he and 1962 3he Vapor Pressure Scales

2-11 Departures From Thermodynamic Temperature of the IPTS-68, EPT-76 and the 1958 and 1962 Helium Vapor Pressure Scales

2-12 The International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90)

3. The Measurement of thermodynamic Temperature

3-1 Introduction

3-2 Gas Thermometry

3-3 Acoustic Thermometry

3-4 Noise Thermometry

3-5 Magnetic Thermometry

3-6 Dielectric-Constant and Refractive-Index Gas Thermometry

3-7 Total Radiation Thermometry

4. Fixed Points and Comparison Baths

4-1 Introduction

4-2 Comparison Baths and Furnaces

4-3 Heat Pipes

4-4 Boiling Points of Water and Sulphur

4-5 The Low-Temperature Boiling and Triple Points

4-6 Superconducting-Transition Points

4-7 The Melting and Freezing of Metals

4-8 The Triple Point of Water

5. Resistance Thermometry

5-1 The Electrical Resistance of Metals, Alloys and Semiconductors

5-2 The Resistivity of A Pure Metal As A Function of Temperature

5-3 The Resistivity of A Semiconductor As A Function of Temperature

5-4 The High-Precision Platinum Resistance Thermometer

5-5 Industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometry

5-6 The Rhodium/0.5% Iron Resistance Thermometer

5-7 The Germanium Resistance Thermometer

5-8 Thermistors

5-9 Carbon and Carbon-Glass Thermometers

5-10 Platinum Cobalt Resistance Thermometers

5-11 The Effects of Magnetic Fields on Resistance Thermometers

5-12 Resistance Measurement in Thermometry

6. Thermocouples

6-1 Introduction

6-2 Elementary Theory of Thermoelectricity

6-3 Thermocouple Types

6-4 Extension and Compensating Wires

6-5 The Calibration of thermocouples

6-6 Reference Junctions

6-7 The Pressure Dependence of the EMF of thermocouples

7. Radiation Thermometry

7-1 Introduction

7-2 The Properties of thermal Radiation

7-3 The Calculation of the Emissivity of Practical Blackbody Cavities

7-4 Practical Blackbody Cavities for the Calibration of Radiation Thermometers

7-5 Tungsten Ribbon Lamps As Reproducible Sources for Radiation Pyrometry

7-6 Radiation Pyrometers

7-7 Spectral Radiation Thermometry in The Measurement of Thermodynamic Temperature

7-8 Industrial Radiation Thermometry

7-9 Radiation Thermometry of Semi-Transparent Media

8. Mercury-In-Glass Thermometry

8-1 Introduction

8-2 The Mercury-In-Glass Thermometer

8-3 Thermometric Glasses

8-4 Secular Change and Temporary Depression of Zero

8-5 Thermometers for Special Applications


I International Temperature Scales: Dates and Editions

II Its-90, Extracts From The Text

III IPTS-68, Extracts From The Text

IV National and International Specifications for Industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometers

V Thermocouple Reference Tables, Skeleton Tables for thermocouple Types B, E, J, K, R, S, T and N

VI Polynomial Expressions for the Thermocouples Reference Tables of Appendix V



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