Provides a useful reference source on system structure and control. Covers, linear systems, nonlinear systems, robust control, implicit system, chaotic systems, singular and time-varying systems.


For systems scientists.

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Section headings & selected papers: Linear Systems I. Some remarks on a new characterization of linear controllability, M. Fliess. Interpretations of the graph topology: a survey, J. de Does & J. Schumacher. Equivalence transformations of rational matrices, N. P. Karampetakis et al. Linear Systems II. Generalized riccati equation and spectral factorization for discrete-time descriptor system, T. Katayama & Y. Onuki. Congruence conditions between system identification and kalman filtering, S. Beghelli et al. State space structures in MRAC, J. Murgaš et al. H∞ Optimal Control. Strict passivity in the frequency domain, G. Meinsma. A polynomial dimsnsion reduction technique for super-optimization, P. O. Nyman. Robust Control and Model Reduction. Stability of interval quasipolynomials, V. L. Kharitonov. Critical points of matrix least square distance functions, U. Helmke & M. A. Shyman. Linear Systems III. Circle condition of optimal regulator for mixed parameter systems, N. Kumazawa et al. On the good choice of a reference model, J. M. Dion et al. Robust and Nonlinear Systems. Robust filtering based on probabilistic descriptions of model errors, M. Sternad & A. Ahlén. Energetic structure of systems, Z. Jacyno. Nonlinear Systems II. Reduction of structural complexity, J. Jantzen & F. Evans. Logic geometry and algebra in modelling, E. I. Verriest. Nonlinear Systems I. On geometric invariants in nonlinear noninteracting control via dynamic state-feedback, S. Battilotti. Disturbance decoupling for nonlinear systems: a unified approach, A. M. Perdon et al. Chaotic Systems Control. Control techniques for chaotic dynamical systems, R. Genesio & A. Tesi. Feedback control for linear chaotic systems, R. A. Johns


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