Synthetic Biology, Part B, Volume 498

1st Edition

Computer Aided Design and DNA Assembly

Editors: Chris Voigt
Hardcover ISBN: 9780123851208
eBook ISBN: 9780123851215
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 9th June 2011
Page Count: 550
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Table of Contents

Voigt / MIE Vol

Table of Contents



Synthetic biology, Part B

Subtitle: Computer Aided Design and DNA Assembly

Section I. Mathematical and Computational Methods

  1. DNA-binding specificity prediction with FoldX
  2. Alejandro D. Nadra, Luis Serrano, Andreu Alibés

  3. The Ribosome Binding Site Calculator
  4. Howard M. Salis

  5. Designing Genes for Successful Protein Expression
  6. Mark Welch, Alan Villalobos, Claes Gustafsson and Jeremy Minshull

  7. Application of Metabolic Flux Analysis in Metabolic Engineering
  8. Sang Yup Lee, Jong Myoung Park and Tae Yong Kim

    Section II. Grammars, Languages, and Computer-Aided Design

  9. Clotho: A Software Platform for the Creation of Synthetic Biological Systems
  10. Swapnil Bhatia, Bing Xia, Ben Bubenheim, Maisam Dadgar, Douglas Densmore and J. Christopher Anderson

  11. SynBioSS-Aided Design of Synthetic Biological Constructs
  12. Yiannis N. Kaznessis

  13. The Eugene Language for Synthetic Biology
  14. Lesia Bilitchenko, Adam Liu, Douglas Densmore

  15. A step by step introduction to rule-based design of synthetic genetic constructs using GenoCAD
  16. Mandy L. Wilson, Russell Hertzberg, Laura Adam, Jean Peccoud

  17. Methods for open innovation on a genome-design platform associating scientific, commercial, and educational communities in synthetic biology
  18. Tetsuro Toyoda

    Section III. Next-Generation DNA Assembly and Manipulation

  19. Recursive construction and error correction of DNA molecules and libraries from synthetic and natural DNA
  20. Tuval Ben Yehezkel and Ehud Shapiro

  21. Industrial scale gene synthesis
  22. Frank Notka, Michael Liss &am


Synthetic biology encompasses a variety of different approaches, methodologies and disciplines, and many different definitions exist. This Volume of Methods in Enzymology has been split into 2 Parts and covers topics such as Measuring and Engineering Central Dogma Processes, Mathematical and Computational Methods and Next-Generation DNA Assembly and Manipulation.

Key Features

  • Encompasses a variety of different approaches, methodologies and disciplines
  • Split into 2 parts and covers topics such as measuring and engineering central dogma processes, mathematical and computational methods and next-generation DNA assembly and manipulation


Researchers and students in cell, molecular and developmental biology


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