Synthetic biology encompasses a variety of different approaches, methodologies and disciplines, and many different definitions exist. This Volume of Methods in Enzymology has been split into 2 Parts and covers topics such as Measuring and Engineering Central Dogma Processes, Mathematical and Computational Methods and Next-Generation DNA Assembly and Manipulation.

Key Features

  • Encompasses a variety of different approaches, methodologies and disciplines
  • Split into 2 parts and covers topics such as measuring and engineering central dogma processes, mathematical and computational methods and next-generation DNA assembly and manipulation


Researchers and students in cell, molecular and developmental biology

Table of Contents

Section I. Measuring and Engineering Central Dogma Processes

  1. Sequence-specificity and Energy Landscapes of DNA-binding Molecules
  2. Joshua R. Tietjen, Leslie J. Donato, Devesh Bhimisaria and Aseem Z. Ansari

  3. Promoter Reliability in Modular Transcriptional Networks
  4. Rajat Anand, Navneet Rai and Mukund Thattai

  5. The Analysis of ChIP-seq Data
  6. Wenxiu Ma and Wing Hung Wong

  7. Using DNA Microarrays to Assay Part Function
  8. Virgil A. Rhodius and Carol A. Gross

  9. Orthogonal gene expression in Escherichia coli
  10. Wenlin An and Jason Chin

  11. Directed evolution of promoters and tandem gene arrays for customizing RNA synthesis rates and regulation
  12. Keith E.J. Tyo, Elke Nevoigt and Gregory Stephanopoulos

    Section II. Device and System Design, Optimization, and Debugging

  13. Design and Connection of Robust Genetic Circuits
  14. Ron Weiss

  15. Engineering RNAi circuits
  16. Yaakov Benenson

  17. From SELEX to cell: Dual selections for synthetic riboswitches
  18. Joy Sinha, Shana Topp, and Justin P. Gallivan

  19. Using noisy gene expression mediated by engineered adenovirus to probe signaling dynamics in mammalian cells
  20. Jeffrey V. Wong, Guang Yao, Joseph R. Nevins and Lingchong You

  21. De novo design and construction of an inducible gene expression system in mammalian cells
  22. Maria Karlsson, Wilfried Weber and Martin Fussenegger

  23. BioBuilding: Using banana-scented bacteria to teach synthetic biology
  24. James Dixon and Natalie Kuldell

    Section III. Device Measurement, Optimization, and Debugging

  25. Use of Fluorescence Microscopy to Analyze Genetic Circuit Dynamics
  26. Gürol Süel

  27. Microfluidics for synt


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