Synthesis of Pesticides Chemical Structure and Biological Activity Natural Products with Biological Activity

Synthesis of Pesticides Chemical Structure and Biological Activity Natural Products with Biological Activity

Symposia Papers Presented at the Fourth International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry, Zurich, Switzerland, July 24-28, 1978

1st Edition - January 1, 1979

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  • Editors: H. Geissbühler, G. T. Brooks, P. C. Kearney
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483278513

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Advances in Pesticide Science, Part 2: Synthesis of Pesticides, Chemical Structure and Biological Activity, Natural Products with Biological Activity is a collection of papers presented at the Fourth International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry, held in Zurich, Switzerland on July 24-28, 1978. This book is composed of forty eight chapters, and begins with the synthesis of pesticides. The succeeding chapters deal with heterocyclic synthesis by rearrangement, synthesis and transformations of nitrogen and sulphurcontaining bicyclic heterocyclic systems. These topics are followed by discussions on synthesis of bmc-analogous n-heterocycles from 1,2-, 1,3-, 1,4-, and 1,5- diamines. Other chapters describe the synthesis and herbicidal activity of 4-acylpyrazole derivatives, the synthesis and properties of plant growth regulators, the carboxyphenyl derivatives of five and six membered heterocycles and potential phosphorus-containing intermediates for the synthesis of pesticides. The final chapters consider the influence of antagonistic fungi on the spore-formation of rust fungi. This book will prove useful to agriculturists and organic chemists.

Table of Contents

  • Volume 1

    Editors' Preface

    Plenary Session. World Food Production - Environment - Pesticides


    Objectives and Strategies of World Food Production

    The Future of Plant Protection in Agriculture

    Chemicals in the Environment and their Effects on Ecosystems

    The Toxicologist's Responsibility in the Evaluation of Plant Protectants

    Pesticide Research to Maintain and Improve Plant Protection

    Volume 2

    Editors' Preface

    Main Topic I. Synthesis of Pesticides

    Symposium Ia. Heterocyclic Chemistry in Pesticide Synthesis


    Heterocyclic Synthesis by Rearrangement

    Syntheses and Transformations of Nitrogen and Sulphur Containing Bicyclic Heterocyclic Systems

    Synthesis of BMC-Analogous N-Heterocycles from 1.2-, 1.3-, 1.4-, and 1.5- Diamines

    Synthesis of Pesticidal Bis-trifluoromethyl-imino Substituted Heterocycles

    Dimethyl-maleic Anhydride, a New Synthesis and Versatile Uses of an Old Compound

    Synthesis and Herbicidal Activity of 4-Acylpyrazole Derivatives

    Synthesis and Plant Growth Regulator Properties of C-o-Carboxyphenyl Derivatives of Five and Six Membered Heterocycles

    Synthesis of Isocoumarins and their Biological Activities

    Symposium Ib. Organometallic and Organophosphorus Chemistry for Synthesising New Pesticides


    Potential Phosphorus-Containing Intermediates for the Synthesis of Pesticides

    Synthesis and Selectivity of Action of Some New Thiophosphoro-organic Insecticides

    Synthesis and Properties of O-Aryl O-Alkyl S-Alkyl-Phosphorothioates

    Synthesis and Insecticidal Activity of 1,3,2-Oxazaphospholidines

    Glyphosate and Related Chemistry

    Transition Metal Carbene Complexes in Organic Synthesis

    Methods of Synthesizing mixed Trialkyltin Chlorides

    Main topic II. Chemical Structure and Biological Activity

    Symposium IIa. Structure-activity Correlations in Recent Classes of Insecticides


    Recent Structure-Activity Correlations in Synthetic Pyrethroids

    Chemistry, Absolute Structures and Biological Aspect of the Most Active Isomeres of Fenvalerate and other Recent Pyrethroids

    Comparative Metabolism of Pyrethroids, Derived from 3-Phenoxybenzyl and a-Cyano-3-Phenoxybenzyl Alcohols

    Benzospiro Pyrethroids

    Conformational Studies of Phenothrin Analogs and Implications on Insecticidal Activity

    New Insecticides. Combined DDT - Isosteres and Pyrethroid Structures

    Nitromethylene Insecticides

    Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationships in a Series of Nitrophenyl Carbamates

    Symposium IIb. Structure-activity Correlations in Recent Classes of Herbicides, Plant Growth Regulators and Fungicides

    Introduction by Chairman

    Structure-Activity Correlations of Recent Herbicides in Phytosynthetic Reactions

    The Chemical Structure and Herbicidal Activity of Alloxydim-sodium and Related Compounds

    Chemical Constitution and Activity of Bipyridinium Herbicides

    Phenoxy-phenoxy-propionic Acids and Derivatives as Grass Herbicides

    Structure - Activity Relationship of Cyclic Imide Herbicides

    The Trifluoromethanesulfonanilide Class of Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators

    Structure - Activity Correlations in Control of Linolenic Acid Content of Plant Membranes by Substituted Pyridazinones

    Triazolyl-O , N-acetals , Chemistry, Activity and Structure

    Main Topic III. Natural Products with Biological Activity

    Symposium IlIa. Naturally-occurring Insect Regulators and Insecticides

    Introduction by Chairman

    Some Terpenoid Insect Antifeedants from Tropical Plants

    Nematicidal Substances from Plants

    Insect Control Using Natural Products

    A Novel Insecticidal Secondary Metabolite from the Entomopathogenic Fungus Entomophthora virulenta

    Purification and Properties of Silkworm Prothoracicotropic Hormone

    Recent Discoveries in Insect Pheromone Chemistry

    Stereochemical Evidence of Dual Chemoreceptors for an Achiral Sex Pheromone in Lepidoptera

    Chemical Defence in the Termite Ancistrotermes cavithorax

    Symposium IIIb. Naturally-occurring Plant Growth Regulators and Fungicides

    Introduction by Co-chairman

    Naturally-occurring Plant Growth Inhibitors as Models for the Synthesis of New Growth Retardants

    New Plant Growth Regulators Isolated from Higher Plants

    The Role of the Source of Ethylene on the Development of an Abscission Layer in Olive Pedicels

    Fungicidal Components of Creosote Bush Resin

    Plant Growth Regulators Produced by Microorganisms

    Chemistry and Plant Growth Regulating Activity of Fusicoccin Derivatives and Analogues

    Moniliformin and Related Cyclobutenediones

    The Influence of Antagonistic Fungi on the Spore Formation of Rust Fungi

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  • No. of pages: 348
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1979
  • Published: January 1, 1979
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483278513

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H. Geissbühler

G. T. Brooks

P. C. Kearney

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USDA, Beltsville, MD, USA

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