Synthesis, Crystal Growth and Characterization presents the proceedings of the International School on Synthesis, Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage, held on October 12-23, 1981, at the National Physical Laboratory in New Delhi, India. The book consists of lectures by distinguished scientists from around the world who tackle different aspects of synthesis, crystal growth, characterization of materials, energy conversion, and energy storage. Organized into four parts encompassing 26 chapters, the book begins with an overview of the synthesis of materials at high temperatures and pressures before turning to a discussion of how macrocrystalline and amorphous silicon is prepared. It then looks at fundamental principles underlying the process of crystal growth, both from the vapor phase and from melt, and methodically introduces the reader to the different techniques used to characterize materials, including neutron scattering and electron transport. The next chapters focus on point defects and aggregates that influence the critical electronic properties of semiconducting materials, X-ray diffraction studies of strains and stresses in thin films used in solid-state devices, and electron spectroscopic studies of solid surfaces. The book also considers the role of physics in microelectronics and vice versa, fast ion transport in solids, and the concept of Syadvada in relation to modern physics. This volume is a valuable resource for participants of the International School on Synthesis, Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage, as well as active researchers working in areas related to the field.

Table of Contents

Foreword Preface 1. Crystal Growth and Lattice Imperfections—Interferometric and X-ray Diffraction Studies : Reminiscences 2. High Temperature Crystal Growth and Thermodynamic Characterization of Materials with Valence Instabilities 3. Microcrystalline and Amorphous Silicon Prepared by Low Pressure Plasma CVD 4. Crystallization of Electronic Materials under very High Gas Pressures 5. Fundamental Aspects of Crystal Growth and Epitaxy 6. Fundamental Aspects and Techniques of Crystal Growth From the Melt 7. High Temperature Non-Metallic Crystalline Materials 8. Crystal Growth and Epitaxy from High-Temperature Solutions 9. Characterization of Crystal Perfection by Diffraction Methods 10. An Introduction to the Experimental Techniques used in X-ray Diffraction Topography 11. X-ray Diffraction Measurement of Strains and Stresses in Thin Films 12. Random and Non-random Faulting in Closed-Packed Structures 13. Characterization of Point Defect Aggregates in Nearly Perfect Crystals by Diffuse X-ray Scattering 14. Electron Spectroscopic Studies of Solid Surfaces 15. Defect Characterization with Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy 16. The Structure of Grain Boundaries 17. Structure of Tin Oxide Films 18. Characterization of Materials by Neutron Scattering 19. Characterization of Semiconductors by Electron Transport Methods 20. X-ray Investigations of Electric Field Induced Changes in Semiconductors 21. Physics in Microelectronics and Microelectronics in Physics 22. Solar Cells 23. Solar Generators with Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells 24. Ionic Conductors : The Structural Approach 25. Fast Ion Transport in Solids Specially Invited Contribution 26. Modern Physics and Syadvada


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