Symposia at the Fifth Meeting of CSAGI - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9781483212876, 9781483226309

Symposia at the Fifth Meeting of CSAGI

1st Edition

Annals of The International Geophysical Year, Vol. 11

Editors: A. H. Shapley V. Laursen J. Van Mieghem
eBook ISBN: 9781483226309
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1981
Page Count: 458
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Annals of the International Geophysical Year, Volume XI: Symposia at the Fifth Meeting of CSAGI covers the proceedings of the Fifth Meeting of CSAGI held in Moscow on July 30-August 8, 1958. This meeting discusses the practical details of the mechanics and techniques of data collection and utilization, and later held symposia at which the first results of the IGY were presented.

This text presents the results of various scientific activities during the IGY, including numerical forecasting, meteorology, geomagnetism, ionosphere, aurora, airglow, solar activity, cosmic rays, glaciology, oceanography, rockets, satellites, seismology, gravimetry, and nuclear radiation.

This book will be of value to geophysicists, historians, and researchers.

Table of Contents

I Symposia at the Fifth Meeting of CSAGI

II Meteorology

A. Symposium on Noctilucent Clouds

1 Noctilucent clouds

2. Some Remarks on the Nature and Origin of Noctilucent Cloud Particles

3. Nature and Origin of Noctilucent Clouds

4. On the Nature of Luminous Night Clouds

5. The Frequency of Appearance of Luminous Night Clouds as Observed at the IGY Stations in the USSR

6. Wave Motion and Meteorological Conditions for the Appearance of Noctilucent Clouds

B. Symposium on Numerical Forecasting

1. Numerical Weather Forecasting in the British Meteorological Office

2. Some Recent U.S. Work on Numerical Methods of Weather Prediction

3. Etat des Projets de Prévision Numérique en France

4. A Note on General Classification of Motions in a Baroclinic Atmosphere

5. The Two Dimensional Smoothing Problem

6. General Solution of the Wave Equation

7. Short Range Weather Forecasting in Non-Adiabatic Cases

8. A Numerical Experiment with the Use of Primitive Equations

9. On the Proper Formulation of a Model for Forecasting Global Scales of Motion in the Atmosphere

10. On the Numerical Solution of the Equations of the Dynamics of the Atmosphere

11. On the Development of Numerical Short Term Forecasting on a Physical Basis

C. Symposium on Meteorology in the Antarctic

1. Some Problems Associated with the Synoptic Meteorology of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica

2. Seasonal and Secular Temperature Changes in Antarctica

3. The Special Features of the Atmospheric Circulation Over the Antarctic and their Relationship with the Processes in the Southern Hemisphere

III Geomagnetism and Ionosphere

Symposium on Geomagnetic and Ionospheric Disturbances

1. The Earth's Outermost Atmosphere

2. On the Problems Connected with Comparing Magnetic Disturbances of the Arctic and Antarctic

3. On the Distribution of Periods of Activity of Magnetic Disturbances Over the 24 Hours of the Day

4. Geomagnetic Activity in the International Geophysical Year, Discussed Against the Background of Previous Years

5. Preliminary Results of an Investigation of Magnetic Storms for the First Half of the IGY

6. The Field of Magnetic Disturbances in the Arctic and Antarctic

7. On Some Special Cases Of Magnetic Storms Recorded at the Polish-Vietnamese Station at Cha-Pa

8. The Microstrueture of the Magnetic Storms in Respect of Pulsations for the First Eight Months of the IGY

9. A Relation Between the Frequency of the Sporadic E-Layer and Geomagnetic Activity

10. Magnetic and Ionospheric Disturbances in Low Latitudes

11. On Ionospheric Disturbances in Middle Latitudes

12. Relation of Ionospheric and Magnetic Disturbances in High Latitudes from Data Obtained in Murmansk

13. On Some Types of Pulsations of the Geomagnetic Field and the Earth'S Currents Occurring Simultaneously on the U.S.S.R. Territory

14. Excitation of Short Periodic Oscillations of the Earth's Magnetic Field During Sudden Commencement of Magnetic Storms

15. On Some Peculiarities of the Variable Geomagnetic Field in the Region of the South-Pole Observatory Mirny

16. Scintillations of Radio Stars and Magnetic Activity in Ghana

17. On the Behaviour of the Ionosphere During Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances

18. Calendar of Geomagnetic Activity in the U.S.S.R.

19. Auroral Particles and Geomagnetic Pulsations

20. Disturbances in the Ionospheric F2 Region During Geomagnetic Storms

21. Geomagnetic Pulsations in the Initial Stage of the Severe Magnetic Storm on 11 February 1958

22. Auroral Echoes in the Ionograms Obtained in the Minauroral Regions

IV Aurora and Airglow

1 The Aurora and the Local Magnetic Field

2 The Airglow of Venus

3 On Hydrogen Emission in the Night Glow

4 Energy Sources of the Upper Atmosphere

5 Hydrogen Emission and Two Types of Auroral Spectra

6 Preliminary Report on Airglow Observations on 5577Å Made at Mt. Abu in 1957-58

7 Aurora and Airglow Observations in Japan on 11 February 1958

8 On Radio Reflections from the D and E Levels During Auroral Activity

9 Synchronous Auroral Registration by All Sky Camera C-180° and Patrol Spectrograph C-180-S

10 The First Results of Investigations of Aurorae with the C-180-S Spectrograph During the IGY

11 Association of Auroras in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres

12 Recherches sur la Raie 6 300 de la Luminescence Atmosphérique Nocturne

13 On the Problem of Geographical Distribution of Polar Aurora in the Arctic

1 Note sur la raie crépusculaire 6708Å du lithium en Terre Adélie

2 Aurores Polaires et Phénomènes Crépusculaires Observés en Radiation 3914A dans l'Antarctique

3 Emissions de la Haute Atmosphère Pendant le Crépuscule

4 Résultats Préliminaires de l'Étude Photométrique de la Lumière du ciel Nocturne par les Stations Françaises et Beiges Pendant l'AGI

5 Observation de la Raie 5199Å de [NI] Dans le Spectre du ciel Nocturne

6 Résultats Préliminaires sur le Rapport des Intensités des Raies D2 et D1 Émises dans la Haute Atmosphère au Crépuscule et Pendant la Nuit

7 A Preliminary Note on the Study of Night Airglow at Poona During the IGY

8 Latitude Dependency of Airglow Emissions 5577 and 6300Å

9 The General Circulation of the Upper Atmosphere and the Seasonal Variation of Airglow

10 A Monochromatic Low Latitude Aurora

11 Photometric Observations of 5577Å and 6300Å Airglow During the IGY

V Ionosphere

1 Preliminary Investigations of the Irregular Structure of the Ionosphere and of Movements Made at the Stations of the Soviet Union During the Period of the IGY (June 195 7-July 1958)

2 Formations des Hétérogénéités Ionosphériques

3 The Distribution of True Radiants of Meteor Bodies Down to a Definite Limit of Mass

4 Radar Observations of Meteors in the U.S.S.R. Under the IGY Programme

5 On Long Period Troposphere-Ionosphere Regional Connections and their Synoptical Relevation

6 Early Results from the Equatorial Close-Spaced Chain of Ionospheric Vertical Sounding Stations

7 Preliminary Results from the U.S.-I.G.Y. Antarctic Network of Ionospheric Vertical Sounding Stations

8 Isoionic Maps Over the Continental United States

9 The Formation of an Intermediate Layer Between E And F During Night-Time at Tsumeb

10 Electron Density-Height Profiles from Routine Ionograms

11 Ionospheric Drifts at Low Frequencies

12 Note on Some Preliminary Results of Ionospheric Drift Measurements on 245 kc/s at Kuhlingsborn Observatory

13 Note on Significant SID Recordings at Low Frequencies (150 to 300 kc/s) Over Great Distances

14 The Morphology of Spread-F

15 Horizontal Drift Measurements Near the Equator

16 Quelques Problémes sur l'Hétérogénéité Stastistique de l'Ionosphère

17 Artificial Meteors into Interplanetary Space?

VI Solar Activity

1 Changes in the Sun's Magnetic Field

2 An Instrument for Studying Distribution of Fields in Sunspot Groups

3 A Summary of IGY Flare Patrol Stations Operating in the United States

4 Opacity of Small Flares

5 Observations of the Solar Electron Corona, September 1956 to January 1958

5a A Model of the Electron Corona with Reference to Radio Observations

6 An Electron Puff Detected by the K-Coronameter

7 The Investigations of Solar Magnetic Fields Carried Out at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory

8 The Flare Patrol in the U.S.S.R. with Chromospheric-Photospheric Telescopes

9 The Photometric Light Curves of Flares Observed in 1957

10 Measurements of Magnetic Fields of Sunspots at the Pulkovo Observatory

11 Discussion of the Methods and Technique of Non-Eclipse Coronal Observations

12 Observations in the U.S.S.R. of the Radio Emission of the Sun During the IGY

13 An Improved Method for Measuring Sunspot Magnetic Fields with a Savart Plate

14 Methods Experienced in the Visual and Photographic Flare Patrol

15 Solar Activity as Judged from Surges

16 Coronographic Observations of Prominences in the Balmer Continuum

17 The Lyot Hα Heliograph at the Cape and its Use for Flare Photometry

18 Rocket Experiments to Detect X-Rays and Lyman-α from Solar Flare Events

19 Japanese Contribution to the IGY in Solar Activity

20 Solar Radio Observation During the Past IGY Period

21 Characteristics of Solar Radio Outbursts Which Excite Geomagnetic Storms

22 Spectra of Solar Radio Outbursts in Relation to Geophysical Disturbances

23 Radio Observation of the Partial Solar Eclipse on 19 April 1958

VII Cosmic Rays

Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Cosmic Ray Variations Using IGY Underground, Sea Level and Stratospheric Data

VIII Longitudes and Latitudes

IX Glaciology

1 Deep Drilling Project in Antarctica

2 Arctic Ocean

3 Geothermal Heat and Glacial Growth

4 Soviet Glaciological Explorations in the Antarctic Regions

5 Problems of the Greenland Ice Sheet

X Oceanography

1 Certain Aspects of Ocean Depths Studies

2 The Measurement of Deep-Water Movements

3 Outstanding Problems in the Antarctic Ocean

4 IGY Cruise of the Hidalgo

5 The U.S. Navy IGY Antarctic Program in Oceanography

6 The Distribution of Man-Made Radioactivity in the North Pacific (through the Summer of 1955)

7 Voyage to the South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean

8 Methods of Investigation of Oceans in the U.S.S.R.

9 Oceanographic Research in the Central Arctic

10 Direct Method of Determining Turbulent Exchange Intensity in the Sea

11 Some Results and Methods of Sea Wind Wave Investigations

XI Rockets and Satellites

XII Seismology

1 Distribution of Seismic Stations

2 On Near-By Earthquakes Recorded at Sodankylä

3 The Land Uplift in Fennoscandia

4 The IGY Seismic Researches of the U.S.S.R.

5 Seismicity of the Arctic Region

6 Seismic Observations of Soviet Stations in the Antarctic

7 Australian Seismic Work in the Antarctic

8 Détermination de l'Épaisseur de Glace en Terre Adélie

9 On Some Preliminary Results of Seismo-Glaciological Investigations on the Antarctic Continent

10 Thickness of the Earth's Crust in Australia

11 Investigation of the Crustal Structure in the Zone of Transition from the Asiatic Continent to the Pacific Ocean

12 The Dislocation Processes in the Pacific Ocean

13 The IGY Seismological Programme in Czechoslovakia

14 Intérêt des Observations Macroseismiques

15 The Conditions of the Origin and Propagation of North Atlantic Microseisms

16 The Influence of the Scandinavian Relief on the Propagation of Microseisms

17 Communication on Microseism Investigations

XIII Gravimetry

XIV Nuclear Radiation

1 Some Uses of Artificial and Natural Radio-Active Material in Meteorology

2 Sr-90 Fall Out in Japan

3 On the Use of Tritium as a Tracer for Water in Nature

4 Time Variation of Radioactivity Observed in Japan

5 Presumptive Movement of Radioactive Dust from Air Trajectories Over Japan

6 A Study of Large-Scale Atmospheric Diffusion from the Windscale Accident October 1957


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© Pergamon 1981
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