Modern Problems in Condensed Matter Sciences, Volume I: Surface Polaritons: Electromagnetic Waves at Surfaces and Interfaces describes the basic properties of surface polaritons and the methods of generating these waves in the laboratory at frequencies of interest to condensed matter physicists. The selection first elaborates on surface phonon polaritons in dielectrics and semiconductors and surface exciton polaritons from the experimental viewpoint. Discussions focus on interface polaritons; surface vibrations in anisotropic crystals; experimental methods for the excitation and study of surface polaritons; and surface vibrations in isotropic crystals. The publication then ponders on surface electromagnetic wave propagation on metal surfaces; thermally stimulated emission of surface polaritons; and effects of the transition layer and spatial dispersion in the spectra of surface polaritons. The text takes a look at surface polaritons at metal surfaces and interfaces and resonance of transition layer excitations with surface polaritons. Topics include resonance of the film phonon with the substrate surface phonon polaritons; investigations of surface modifications in ultra-high vacuum; and use of surface plasma waves for the investigation of solid-liquid and solid-solid interfaces. The selection is a dependable reference for physicists and engineers wanting to conduct research on surface polaritons.

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Part I. Basic Properties of Surface Polaritons on Surfaces and Interfaces; Methods of Excitation

1. Surface Phonon Polaritons in Dielectrics and Semiconductors

2. Surface Exciton Polaritons from an Experimental Viewpoint

3. Surface Electromagnetic Wave Propagation on Metal Surfaces

4. Thermally Stimulated Emission of Surface Polaritons

Part II. Surface Polaritons as a Probe of Surface and Interface Properties

5. Effects of the Transition Layer and Spatial Dispersion in the Spectra of Surface Polaritons

6. Surface Polaritons at Metal Surfaces and Interfaces

7. Resonance of Transition Layer Excitations with Surface Polaritons

8. The Study of Solid-Liquid Interfaces by Surface Plasmon Polariton Excitation

9. Surface Plasmons and Roughness

10. Interaction of Surface Polaritons and Plasmons with Surface Roughness

11. Scattering of Surface Polaritons by Order Parameter Fluctuations Near Phase Transition Points

Part III. Nonlinear Interactions and Surface Polaritons

12. Raman Scattering by Surface Polaritons

13. Three Wave Nonlinear Interactions Involving Surface Polaritons; Raman Scattering, Light Diffraction and Parametric Mixing

14. Nonlinear Wave Interaction Involving Surface Polaritons

15. Nonlinear Optical Response of Metal Surfaces

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@qu:...the volume is the first of its kind to unify the subject by presenting in depth the basic properties of surface polaritons as well as discussing the methods of generating them in the laboratory and their current use as surface probes. As such the book should attract a wide readership not only from surface scientists, but from other members of the solid-state physics community. @source: Philosophical Magazine