Superheavy Elements - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080229461, 9781483158808

Superheavy Elements

1st Edition

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Superheavy Elements, Lubbock, Texas, March 9-11, 1978

Editors: M. A. K. Lodhi
eBook ISBN: 9781483158808
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1978
Page Count: 604
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Superheavy Elements covers the proceedings of the International Symposium on Superheavy Elements, held in Lubbock, Texas on March 9-11, 1978. The book focuses on the compositions, reactions, transformations, and methodologies involved in the research on superheavy elements (SHE). The selection first gives an overview of the history and perspectives of the search for SHE; attempts to produce SHE in reactions between heavy nuclei; and searches for SHE at the superhilac. The publication also examines the experimental prospects for the synthesis and detection of SHE, including alternate production modes for SHE and detection methods in the search for SHE. The book looks at the experimental insights into the production of SHE using heavy ion reactions and observations of anomalous long-range alpha particles and their potential connection to superheavy matter. The publication also reviews the calculations for penetrability and the predictions of the spontaneous fission half-lives of SHE; feasibility studies of thermonuclear neutron capture synthesis of SHE; muonic transitions and X-ray spectra from SHE. Topics include transition energy and potential and quantum-electrodynamical corrections. The text is a dependable source of data for readers interested in superheavy elements.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents





Session I: Opening of the Symposium

Opening Remarks

Welcoming Address

After-dinner speech: U.S. Science—A Current Perspective

Inaugural Lecture: Overview: History and Perspective of the Search for Superheavy Elements

Session II: Searches for She at Accelerators

Attempts to Produce SHE in Reactions Between Very Heavy Nuclei

Recent Searches for Superheavy Elements

Experimental Prospects for the Synthesis and Detection of Superheavy Elements

New Experimental Insights into the Production of Superheavy Elements Using Heavy Ion Reactions

Production of Actinides by Secondary Reactions in the Bombardment of a Tungsten Target with 24 GeV Protons

Study of Au, Tl and Pb Sources Separated from Tungsten Targets That Were Irradiated with 24 GeV Protons. Indications for the Possible Production of SHE

Neutron Multiplicity Measurements for Spontaneous Fission of Cf and Rn Isotopes and Relevance to Neutron Emission for SHE

Session III: Quest for She in Nature

Search for Superheavy Elements in Nature and in Heavy-Ion Reactions

Observation of Anomalous Long-Range Alpha Particles and Their Possible Connection to Superheavy Matter

Are Any Unusual Radio Halos Evidence for SHE

Existence of New Long-Range Alpha Particles in Nature

Analysis of a Giant Halo Monazite Inclusion on the Harwell Proton

Alpha Particle Study of Madagascar Monazite for Superheavy Elements

Lunar Palaeomagnetism and Evidence for Superheavy Elements in the Moon

Melting the Moon with Superheavy Elements

Super-giant Halos in Madagascar Biotite

Comments on the Recent Reports of SH Elements in Meteorites and Hot Springs

Experimental Constraints on the Existence of Superheavy Elements in Allende Acid Residues

A Critical Test of the Superheavy Fission Origin of Anomalous Anon in Allende

Future Experimental Tests for the Identification of SH Elements in Nature

Long Range Fission Fragments from Radiogenic Lead

Possible Mechanism for the Formation of Bleached, Giant Halos in Madagascan Mica

Session IV: Theoretical Predictions for SHE

Prediction of SHE Half-lives on the Basis of a Single Particle Potential

Present Status of the Half-Life Prediction for SHE

The Stability of Superheavy Elements: Rotation and Internal Excitation Limits

A Self-consistent Analytical Approach to Non-local Potential and Shell Structure of SHE

On the Magicity of the Neutron Number N=228

Comment on Extrapolated Single Particles Spectra for Superheavy Nuclei

Influence of Variable Nuclear Density Distribution on Fission Barriers between the Saddle and the Seission Points and Predictions for Superheavy Elements

Stability of SHE in the Light of Single Particle States of the Actinides

Shell Structure of 114 & 126+*** with Skyrme-forces

Statistical Theory of Fission and Superheavy Elements

Session V: Atomic Phenomena Relevant to SHE

Electronic Spectra in Superheavy Elements

Model Experiments With Short-Lived Nuclides for the Investigation of the Quantitative Chemical Behaviour of New Elements

X-rays and Positrons from Heavy-Ion Collisions

A Possible X-Ray Spectroscopy of Superheavy Quasimolecules

Possible Muonic Transitions and X-Ray Spectra from SHE

Session VI: Models and Techniques Pertaining to SHE

Alpha-Decay of Heavy and Superheavy Nuclei

Exact Calculations for Penetrability and Prediction of the Spontaneous Fission Half-lives of SHE

Formation of Superheavy Nuclei by Heavy-Ion Fusion

Feasibility Studies of Thermonuclear Neutron Capture Synthesis of SHE

Synthesis of Superheavy Elements in the r-Process

The Helium Driven R-Process and Possible Superheavy Element Production

Superheavy Toroidal Nuclei

On a Chance of Superheavy Nuclei with a Bubble Geometry

Possible Oosmic Ray Superheavy Event

Crystalline Structure of Heavy and Superheavy Elements

A More Exact Uncertainty Principal

Session VII: Final Plenary Session

Summary of the Symposium

List of Registrants

Author Index

Subject Index


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