Studies in Natural Products Chemistry, Volume 40

1st Edition

Series Editors: Atta-ur- Rahman
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444596031
eBook ISBN: 9780444626325
Imprint: Elsevier
Published Date: 2nd July 2013
Page Count: 538
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Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Recent Insights into the Emerging Role of Triterpenoids in Cancer Therapy: Part I



Mechanisms of the Antitumor Effect of Triterpenoids

Concluding Remarks


Chapter 2. Recent Advances in Medicinal Applications of Brassinosteroids, a Group of Plant Hormones



Source of BRs

Toxicity of BRs

Similarity of BRs to Animal Steroid Hormones

Anabolic Effect of BRs

Anticancer and Antiproliferative Properties of BRs

Antiangiogenic Properties of BRs

Antiviral Properties of BRs

Neuroprotective Action of BRs

Concluding Remarks


Chapter 3. Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products by Propargylic Carboxylic Ester Rearrangements


Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products by Rearrangement of Propargylic Esters via 1,2-Acyl Migration

Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products by Rearrangement of Propargylic Esters via 1,3-Acyl Migration: [3,3]-Sigmatropic Rearrangement of Propargylic Esters




Chapter 4. Catalytic Asymmetric Strategies for the Synthesis of 3,3-Disubstituted Oxindoles


Strategies Based on Cyclization Reactions for the Construction of the Lactam Ring

Asymmetric Rearrangements of O-Carbonylated Oxindoles and Related Processes

3-Substituted Oxindoles as Nucleophiles: Alkylation, Conjugate Addition, Aldol, and Mannich Reactions

Addition of Carbon Nucleophiles to Isatins or to Isatin Imines

Asymmetric Michael Additions to Isatin-Derived Electron-Deficient Alkenes and Related Processes

Amination, Hydroxylation, and Halogenation Reactions of 3-Substituted Oxindoles

Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions of Functionalized 3-Substituted


Natural products in the plant and animal kingdom offer a huge diversity of chemical structures that are the result of biosynthetic processes that have been modulated over the millennia through genetic effects. With the rapid developments in spectroscopic techniques and accompanying advances in high-throughput screening techniques, it has become possible to isolate and then determine the structures and biological activity of natural products rapidly, thus opening up exciting new opportunities in the field of new drug development to the pharmaceutical industry.

The series also covers the synthesis or testing and recording of the medicinal properties of natural products.

Key Features

  • Describes the chemistry of bioactive natural products
  • Contains contributions by leading authorities in the field
  • A valuable resource for natural products and medicinal chemistry


Natural product chemists, medicinal chemists, pharmacologists as well as researchers particularly those in academia and in the pharmaceutical industry


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About the Series Editors

Atta-ur- Rahman Series Editor

Atta-ur-Rahman, FRS, D.Phil., TI, SI HI, NI, is a leading scientist and scholar in the field of organic chemistry from Pakistan, especially renowned for his research in the various areas relating to natural product chemistry. With over 909 publications in the field of his expertise including 116 books largely published by leading publishers in Europe and USA and 27 patents, he is also credited for reviving the higher education and research practices in Pakistan. Prof. Rahman was elected as Fellow of Royal Society (London) in July 2006 thereby becoming one of the 4 scientists from the Muslim world to have ever won this honor in the last 350 years when the Royal Society was established. He is also the only scientist from the Muslim world to have been conferred the UNESCO Science Prize in 1999.[11] He has been conferred honorary doctorate degrees by many universities including the degree of Doctor of Science (Sc.D.) by Cambridge University (UK) (1987) and an Honorary degree of Doctor of Education by Coventry University UK in November 2007. He was elected Honorary Life Fellow of Kings College, Cambridge University, UK in 2007. Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman was conferred the TWAS Prize for Institution Building in Durban, South Africa in October 2009 in recognition of his contributions for bringing about revolutionary changes in the higher education sector in Pakistan. He was awarded the Engro Excellence Award in Science & Technology 2011 for meritorious contributions. He is President of Network of Academies of Sciences of Islamic Countries (NASIC) and the Vice-President (Central & South Asia) of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS) Council, and Foreign Fellow of Korean Academy of Sciences. Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman was the President of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences (2003–06), and was again elected President of Pakistan Academy of Sciences in January 2011. He was the Federal Minister for Science and Technology (14 March 2000 – 20 November 2002), Federal M

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Karachi, Pakistan