Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation

1st Edition

SEMC 2001 (2 Volume Set)

Authors: A. Zingoni
Hardcover ISBN: 9780080439488
eBook ISBN: 9780080541921
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 16th March 2001
Page Count: 1704
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Following on from the International Conference on Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation, held in Cape Town in April 2001, this book contains the Proceedings, in two volumes. There are over 170 papers written by Authors from around 40 countries worldwide. The contributions include 6 Keynote Papers and 12 Special Invited Papers. In line with the aims of the SEMC 2001 International Conference, and as may be seen from the List of Contents, the papers cover a wide range of topics under a variety of themes. There is a healthy balance between papers of a theoretical nature, concerned with various aspects of structural mechanics and computational issues, and those of a more practical nature, addressing issues of design, safety and construction. As the contributions in these Proceedings show, new and more efficient methods of structural analysis and numerical computation are being explored all the time, while exciting structural materials such as glass have recently come onto the scene. Research interest in the repair and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure continues to grow, particularly in Europe and North America, while the challenges to protect human life and property against the effects of fire, earthquakes and other hazards are being addressed through the development of more appropriate design methods for buildings, bridges and other engineering structures.


Civil engineers, consultants, government organizations and researchers who hold a specific interest in design, safety and construction.

Table of Contents


Local Organising Committee, International Scientific/Technical Advisory Board, Sponsoring Organisations vi (or vii).

Keynote papers.

Vibration analysis of bridges under moving vehicles and trains (Y.K. Cheung et al.). The importance of combining experimental and numerical study in advancing structural engineering understanding (D.A. Nethercot). Enhanced strain finite elements for Mindlin-Reissner plates (B.D. Reddy, O. Ehl). Recent advances in local-global FE analysis of shells of revolution (P.L. Gould). A new mixed flexibility approach for simplifying elastic and inelastic structural analysis (A.R. Kemp). Eigenstates of large profiled matrices (P.J. Pahl, M. Ruess).

Invited papers.

Advanced metal systems in structural rehabilitation of monumental constructions (F.M. Mazzolani, A. Mandara). Lifetime-oriented analysis and design of large-scale cooling towers (R. Harte, W.B. Kratzig).

Steel structures: general considerations.

Beam elements in structural analysis and design of steel frames (L.H. Teh, G.J. Hancock). Second-order elastic-plastic analysis of plane frames (J.M. Davies).

Concrete structures: general considerations.

Analysis of reinforced concrete beams with circular openings using strut-and-tie model (M.A. Mansur et al.). True parabolic stress method of analysis in reinforced concrete beams (R.V. Jarquio).

Steel-concrete composite construction.

Large deformation performance of double skin composite construction using Bi-St


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A. Zingoni

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Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch 7701, Cape Town, South Africa