SQL Injection Attacks and Defense

2nd Edition

Print ISBN: 9781597499637
eBook ISBN: 9781597499736
Imprint: Syngress
Published Date: 18th June 2012
Page Count: 576
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SQL Injection Attacks and Defense, First Edition: Winner of the Best Book Bejtlich Read Award

"SQL injection is probably the number one problem for any server-side application, and this book unequaled in its coverage." –Richard Bejtlich, Tao Security blog

SQL injection represents one of the most dangerous and well-known, yet misunderstood, security vulnerabilities on the Internet, largely because there is no central repository of information available for penetration testers, IT security consultants and practitioners, and web/software developers to turn to for help.

SQL Injection Attacks and Defense, Second Edition is the only book devoted exclusively to this long-established but recently growing threat. This is the definitive resource for understanding, finding, exploiting, and defending against this increasingly popular and particularly destructive type of Internet-based attack.

SQL Injection Attacks and Defense, Second Edition includes all the currently known information about these attacks and significant insight from its team of SQL injection experts, who tell you about:

  • Understanding SQL Injection – Understand what it is and how it works
  • Find, confirm and automate SQL injection discovery
  • Tips and tricks for finding SQL injection within code
  • Create exploits for using SQL injection
  • Design apps to avoid the dangers these attacks
  • SQL injection on different databases
  • SQL injection on different technologies
  • SQL injection testing techniques
  • Case Studies

Key Features

  • Securing SQL Server, Second Edition is the only book to provide a complete understanding of SQL injection, from the basics of vulnerability to discovery, exploitation, prevention, and mitigation measures.
  • Covers unique, publicly unavailable information, by technical experts in such areas as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL---including new developments for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (Denali).
  • Written by an established expert, author, and speaker in the field, with contributions from a team of equally renowned creators of SQL injection tools, applications, and educational materials.


Penetration testers, IT Security Consultants and practitioners, Database Administrators, Application Developers, Network Administrators, Security Managers, Security Analysts.

Table of Contents



Contributing Authors

Lead Author and Technical

Introduction to the 2nd Edition

Chapter 1. What Is SQL Injection?


Understanding How Web Applications Work

Understanding SQL Injection

Understanding How It Happens


Solutions Fast Track

Chapter 2. Testing for SQL Injection


Finding SQL Injection

Confirming SQL Injection

Automating SQL Injection Discovery


Solutions Fast Track

Chapter 3. Reviewing Code for SQL Injection


Reviewing source code for SQL injection

Automated source code review


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Chapter 4. Exploiting SQL injection


Understanding common exploit techniques

Identifying the database

Extracting data through UNION statements

Using conditional statements

Enumerating the database schema

Injecting into “INSERT” queries

Escalating privileges

Stealing the password hashes

Out-of-band communication

SQL injection on mobile devices

Automating SQL injection exploitation


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Chapter 5. Blind SQL Injection Exploitation


Finding and confirming blind SQL injection

Using time-based techniques

Using Response-Based Techniques

Using Alternative Channels

Automating blind SQL injection exploitation


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Chapter 6. Exploiting the operating system


Accessing the file system

Executing operating system commands

Consolidating access


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Chapter 7. Advanced topics


Evading inpu


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"Lead author and technical editor Clarke has organized the volume's 11 chapters into sections on understanding, finding, exploiting, and defending SQL injection, and has also included reference materials that provide information on database platforms not covered in detail in the main body of the text."--Reference and Research Book News, August 2013
"The most stunningly impactful attacks often leverage SQL Injection vulnerabilities. This book has everything you need to fight back, from applying the core fundamentals to protecting emerging technologies against such attacks. Keep it by your bedside and distribute it within your business."--Nitesh Dhanjani, Executive Director at Ernst & Young LLP
"Securing SQL Server - Protecting Your Database from Attackers and SQL Injection Attacks and Defense are two new books out on SQL security. The first, Securing SQL Server - Protecting Your Database from Attackers, author Denny Cherry takes a high-level approach to the topic. The book explains how to secure and protect a SQL database from attack. The book details how to configure SQL against both internal and external-based attacks. This updated edition includes new chapters on analysis services, reporting services, and storage area network security. For anyone new to SQL security, Cherry does a great job of explaining what needs to be done in this valuable guide. In and SQL Injection Attacks and Defense, editor Justin Clarke enlists the help of a set of experts on how to deal with SQL injection attacks. Since SQL is so ubiquitous on corporate networks, with sites often running hundreds of SQL servers; SQL is prone to attacks. SQL injection is a technique often used to attack databases through a website and is often done by including portions of SQL statements in a web form entry field in an attempt to get the website to pass a newly formed rogue SQL command to the database. SQL inject