The third COSPAR Colloquium entitled Solar Wind Seven was held in Goslar, Germany in September 1991. Twenty-two countries were represented by scientists, many of whom are leading experts in the area of heliospheric physics. The Proceedings reflect current research on solar wind and particularly emphasizes the source regions. The main topics covered encompass Coronal Heating and Solar Wind Acceleration; Large-Scale Structure of the Interplanetary Medium; Minor Ions, Neutrals and Cosmic Rays in the Heliosphere; Kinetic Physics, Waves and Turbulence and finally Heliospheric Dynamic Phenomena.


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Section headings and selected papers: Coronal Heating and Solar Wind Acceleration. The origin of high speed solar wind streams, W. I. Axford & J. F. McKenzie. The generation of plasma waves in the acceleration region of the solar wind, H. Fichtner & H-J. Fahr. Status of solar wind modeling from the transition region outwards, J. V. Hollweg. Heating coronal holes and accelerating the solar wind, E. N. Parker. Structure of solar coronal streamers, C. G. Schultz. Large-Scale Structure of the Interplanetary Medium. Modeling the large-scale structure of the Solar Corona, F. Bagenal & S. Gibson. Magnetic structures at sector boundaries in the inner heliosphere, V. Bothmer & R. Schwenn. Three-dimensional structuring of the distant solar wind by anomalous cosmic ray particles, S. Grzedzielski et al. The structure of the inner heliosphere from pioneer Venus and IMP observations, P. R. Gazis et al. Evolution of spatial and temporal correlations in the solar wind: observations and interpretation, L. W. Klein et al. Investigation of the solar wind transonic region, N. A. Lotova. IPS observations of the solar wind velocity and microscale density irregularities in the inner solar wind, B. Rickett. Global structure of the oncoming local interstellar plasma flow about a simplified heliopause interface, S. S. Stahara et al. Minor Ions, Neutrals and Cosmic Rays in the Heliosphere. Minor ions - tracers for physical processes in the heliosphere, P. Bochsler. Ions with low charges in the solar wind as measured by SWICS on board Ulysses, J. Geiss et al. Sensing the solar-wind termination shock from Earth's orbit, K. C. Hsieh et al. Solar wind composition from sector boundary crossings and coronal mass ejections, K. W. Ogilvie et al. Elemental abundances and their variations in the upper solar atmosphere, K. G. Widing & U. Feldman. Kinetic Physics,


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@from:Graham Woan excellent 'snapshot' of current techniques and preoccupations in solar-wind an effective crash course in heliospheric physics for anyone reasonably familiar with plasma dynamics. @source:The Observatory Vol 113, No 1114 @from:M. Goossens @qu:...can be recommended as an overview of the current status of research in heliospheric physics @source:Space Science Reviews