Solar Energy in Developing Countries - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080232539, 9781483147925

Solar Energy in Developing Countries

1st Edition

An Overview and Buyers' Guide for Solar Scientists and Engineers

Authors: A. Eggers-Lura
eBook ISBN: 9781483147925
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1979
Page Count: 214
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Solar Energy in Developing Countries is a documentation report with bibliography on solar energy research and development in developing countries such as those in Asia, Central and South America, Africa, and Middle East. Institutions in developed countries with solar activities of interest to developing countries are included. This volume consists of seven chapters and opens with an overview of the study followed by a discussion on solar activities of relevance to developing countries, focusing on the work of international or supranational organizations such as the United Nations, NATO, and the European Economic Community. The following chapters deal with the state of the art of solar energy applications as well as solar R&D work in developing countries, including solar distillation, solar cooking and drying, and solar refrigeration and air conditioning. Information and addresses on sources of literature, hardware and equipment are also provided, along with a detailed and comprehensive bibliography (mostly with abstracts). This book is intended for solar scientists and engineers, government officials, and others who are interested in solar R&D work in developing countries.

Table of Contents

Chapter I General Introduction to the Study

1.1. Abstract

1.2. Foreword

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Chapter II General Information on Solar Energy Activities of Interest for Developing Countries

2.1. Introduction

2.2. Short Historical Review of Solar Energy Activities of Interest in Developing Countries

2.3. Institutions in Developed Countries with Solar Activities of Relevance for Developing Countries

2.3.1. General

2.3.2. Argentina

2.3.3. Australia

2.3.4. Austria

2.3.5. Canada

2.3.6. Denmark

2.3.7. France

2.3.8. Federal Republic Of Germany (W. Germany)

2.3.9. Greece

2.3.10. Israel

2.3.11. Italy

2.3.12. Japan

2.3.13. Netherlands

2.3.14. New Zealand

2.3.15. South Africa

2.3.16. Switzerland

2.3.17. United Kingdom

2.3.18. USA

2.3.19. USSR

2.4. International or Supranational Organizations with Solar Activities

2.4.1 General

2.4.2 UN-Agencies

2.4.3 EEC


2.4.5 OAS

Chapter III State of the Art

3.1. Introduction

3.2. Solar Flat-Plate Collectors and Their Use for Water and Space Heating

3.2.1 State of the Art

3.2.2 Assessment of Applicability

3.2.3 Commercial Availability

3.2.4 Relevance for Developing Countries

3.2.5 Transfer of Technology

3.2.6 Research and Development

3.2.7 Co-operation among Developing Countries

3.2.8 Concentrating versus Flat-Plate Collectors

3.2.9 Flat-Plate Collector Technology

3.2.10 Water Heating Technology

3.2.11 House Heating Technology

3.2.12 Solar Energy/Heat Pump Combinations

3.2.13 Storage of Heat

3.3. Solar Distillation

3.3.1 State of the Art

3.3.2 Applicability

3.3.3 Availability

3.3.4 Relevance to Developing Countries

3.3.5 Transfer of Technology

3.3.6 Research and Development

3.3.7 Solar Distillation Technology

3.3.8 Salt Production (Salt Farms)

3.4. Solar Cooking and Drying

3.4.1 State of Art

3.4.2 Applicability

3.4.3 Availability

3.4.4. Relevance to Developing Countries

3.4.5 Transfer of Technology

3.4.6 Research and Development

3.4.7 Co-operation among Developing Countries

3.4.8 Solar Cooker Technology

3.4.9 Solar Drier Technology

3.5 Solar Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

3.5.1 State of the Art

3.5.2 Applicability

3.5.3 Availability - Commercially

3.5.4 Relevance to Developing Countries

3.5.5 Transfer of Technology

3.5.6 Solar Refrigeration Technology

3.5.7 Solar House Cooling or Air-Conditioning Technology

3.6 Transformation of Solar Energy into Mechanical Energy

3.6.1 State of the Art

3.6.2 Applicability

3.6.3 Availability

3.6.4 Relevance to the Developing Countries

3.6.5 Transfer of Technology

3.6.6 Co-Operation between Developing Countries

3.6.7 Solar Water Pumping Technology

3.7 Sundry Solar Applications

3.8 References for Chapter III

Chapter IV Solar R&D Activities in Developing Countries

4.1. Introduction

4.2. The Americas (Central and South America)

4.3. Africa

4.4. Middle East

4.5. Asia

Chapter V Sources of Literature and Information

5.1. Introduction

5.2. Professional Societies

5.3. Periodicals

5.4. Important Books and Articles Dealing with Solar Energy

5.4.1 Books and Articles, Generally

5.4.2 Books and Monographs Dealing Particularly with Solar Energy in Developing Countries

5.5. Public Libraries and Documentation Centers

5.6. Patents

5.7. Bibliographies & Abstract Works

5.8. Government (and Other Official or Semiofficial Publications)

5.9. Proceedings of Symposia and Conferences

5.10. Reprint Services/Microfilms

5.11. Private Documentation, Innovation and R&D Services

5.12 Retailers and Exporters of Books

5.12.1 USA

5.12.2 Europe

Chapter VI Solar Hardware and Equipment

6.1. Introduction

6.2 USA

6.2.1 General

6.2.2 Collector Plates

6.2.3 Swimming Pool Collectors

6.2.4 Solar Water Heaters

6.2.5 Selective Coatings/Covers

6.2.6 Aluminum Extrusions for Collectors

6.2.7 Control Systems

6.2.8 Solar Energy Recording Systems

6.2.9 Heating/Cooling Systems

6.2.10 Solar House Plans

6.3 Europe

6.3.1 General

6.3.2 Collector Plates

6.3.3 Denmark

6.3.4 France

6.3.5 W. Germany

6.3.6 Italy

6.3.7 The Netherlands

6.3.8 Spain

6.3.9 Switzerland

6.3.10 United Kingdom

6.4 Japan

6.5 Australia

6.6 Israel

Chapter VII Bibliography

7.1. General Overviews on Solar Energy in Developing Countries

7.2. Collectors

7.2.1 Collectors, Thermal, General

7.2.2 Collectors, Flat-Plate, General

7.2.3 Collectors, Flat-Plate, Liquid

7.2.4 Collectors, Flat-Plate, Air

7.2.5 Collector Materials, General

7.2.6 Collector Surfaces, General

7.2.7 Collectors, Surface, Selective

7.2.8 Collectors, Covers

7.2.9 Collectors, Insulation

7.2.10 Collectors and -Materials Testing

7.2.11 Mathematical Calculations & Numerical Models

7.3. Water Heaters

7.3.1 General (Technical) Descriptions

7.3.2 Mathematical Calculations, Computer Models, Analyses and Testing

7.4. Water Distillation

7.5. Desalination of Brackish Water

7.6. Salt & Chemicals Production

7.7. Solar Cookers and Ovens

7.8. Drying of Produce and Crop

7.9. Solar Refrigeration

7.10 Solar Water Pumping and Irrigation

7.11 Sundry Applications of Solar Energy in Developing Countries

7.12 Economics of Solar Energy Utilization



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