Social Psychology

Social Psychology

1st Edition - January 1, 1980

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  • Author: Jeffrey H Goldstein
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483264400

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Social Psychology: Philosophical and Theoretical Issues deals with the development of ideas, and how these ideas can qualify other findings. The book reviews the philosophical and theoretical issues involved in social psychology such as its goals and its scientific relevance. The text also examines the knowledge of psychology today, especially the content validity as many errors have influenced the historical development of the science. The book then discusses the testing approach to theories through testing hypotheses, manipulating then measuring variables, experimental studies, quasi-experiments, and research on research. The text also explains attitude change, propaganda, and communication, including the cognitive consistency theory or the behaviorist/learning theory, as well as variations of these two theories. The book also addresses the levels of different attractions involving those of strangers, friends, and brief acquaintances. The author cites evidence that attraction between people is heightened when they have the same personality, beliefs, and even some physical characteristics. The text can prove informative for psychiatrists, psychologists, behavioral scientists, and students and professors in psychology, as well as general readers interested in human interaction.

Table of Contents

  • To the Student

    To the Instructor


    1 Social Psychology: Philosophical and Theoretical Issues

    Levels of Analysis

    Some Basic Assumptions of Social Psychology

    The Goals of Social Psychology

    Theories in Social Psychology


    Suggested Readings

    2 The Testing Of Theories: Research Methods In Social psychology

    Notes on the Testing of Theories

    The Nature of Hypotheses

    Testing Hypotheses: Methods of Inquiry

    Measurement in Social Psychology

    Non-Hypothesis-Testing Research

    The Relationship between Theory and Method

    Why Observations Cannot Exist without Theories

    Have I Got a Theory for You! Post Hoc Explanations

    Some Ethical Considerations


    Suggested Readings

    3 Socialization: The Development of Social Behavior

    The Agents of Socialization

    Theories and Processes of Socialization

    Sex Roles and Symbolic Interactionism

    Differentiation, Generalization, and Attitudes

    Charity Begins at Home: The Development of Prosocial Behavior

    Learning To Be Aggressive

    The Origins of Sociability


    Suggested Readings

    4 Social Perception and Attribution

    Object Perception and Person Perception

    Object Perception

    Person Perception



    Suggested Readings

    5 Attitude Change, Propaganda, and Communication

    The Nature of Communication

    Some Theories of Attitude Change

    Attitude Change and the Communication Process


    Suggested Readings

    6 Interpersonal Attraction: Strangers, Friends, and Lovers

    Levels of Attraction

    Attraction Toward Strangers and Brief Acquaintances

    Physical Attractiveness: Sex Appeal

    Romantic Attraction and Love


    Suggested Readings

    7 Altruism and Helping Behavior

    Some Definitions

    The Kitty Genovese Case

    Bystander Intervention: Theory and Research

    A Cost-Reward Analysis

    The Just-World Phenomenon

    Christians Who Saved Jews from the Nazis: Situational and Personality Factors in Helping

    Social Norms and Helping


    Suggested Readings

    8 The Social Psychology of Aggression

    The Nature of Human Aggression

    Theories of Aggression

    Obedience to Authority

    Social Psychological Perspectives on War


    Suggested Readings

    9 The Nature of Groups

    The Social Psychological Study of Groups

    Affiliation: Why We Join Groups

    Group Structure

    Group Processes

    Collective Behavior


    Suggested Readings

    10 Intergroup Relations: Prejudice, Conflict, and Cooperation

    A Note on Race and Sex Differences

    The Nature of Prejudice

    Reducing Prejudice

    Reducing Other Types of Intergroup Conflict


    Suggested Readings

    11 Social Behavior in the Physical Environment

    The Environment: Objective and Subjective

    Population and Behavior: Spacing, Territoriality, and Crowding

    City Life


    Suggested Readings

    12 Applied Social Psychology

    Prospects for an Applied Social Psychology

    Varieties of Applied Social Psychology

    Preventive Social Psychology


    Suggested Readings

    13 The Social Psychology of

    Abnormal Behavior




    The Law


    Social Psychology


    Suggested Readings

    Special Features


    Chapter 4 An Interview with Marianne La France and Clara Mayo

    Chapter 6 An Interviewwith George Levinger

    Chapter 8 An Interview with Seymour Feshbach

    Chapter 10 An Interview with James M. Jones

    Chapter 13 An Interview with Kenneth Gergen

    Time Outs

    Chapter 2 A Glossary of Technical Terms

    Chapter 3 What's in a Name?

    Chapter 4 How to Know Where You Are

    Chapter 6 Making a Date If You Are Shy

    Meaningful Relationships

    The Major Elements of a Satisfactory Marriage

    Chapter 9 Schoolgirls Laugh Uncontrollably as "Epidemic" Strikes Tanzania

    Chapter 10 "It Takes One to Know One" - Notes on Intergroup Research

    The Sting of Polish Jokes

    Chapter 11 Avoiding Faux Pas When Visiting a Foreign Country

    American Cities: Some Good and Some Bad

    Chapter 12 Science and Immediate Social Goals

    Social Science in the White House

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  • No. of pages: 574
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1980
  • Published: January 1, 1980
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483264400

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