This volume contains the proceedings of the 19th International Liège Colloquium on Ocean Hydrodynamics, the programme of which focused on the relationships between small-scale mixing and large-scale features, transports and processes. The presentation of papers on various methods of parameterization of small-scale turbulent mixing for numerical ocean models was particularly encouraged and this resulted in more than a third of the papers presented at the Colloquium dealing in one way or another with the parameterization problems; many of these papers demonstrate the direct results of modelling. These proportions are well reflected in this volume of proceedings and thus emphasize once more the importance of small-scale turbulence research for such vital practical applications as ocean modelling and forecasting.

Table of Contents

Introduction (K.N. Fedorov). Small-scale turbulence and mixing in the ocean: A glossary (SCOR Working Group 69). The use of deliberately injected tracers for the study of diapycnal mixing in the ocean (J.R. Ledwell, A.J. Watson). Some implications of ocean mixing for ocean modelling (T.J. McDougall). Merits and defects of different approaches to mixed layer modelling (E.B. Kraus). The inclusion of a surface mixed layer in a large-scale circulation model (E.B. Kraus et al). Modelling turbulence in shallow sea regions (A.M. Davies, J.E. Jones). Turbulent fields associated with the general circulation in the northern Bering Sea (E. Deleersnijder, J.C.J. Nihoul). Embedding stratification models in ocean general circulation climate models (B. Henderson-Sellers). Simulation of the mixed layer in a global ocean general circulation model (S.J. Foreman, K. Maskell). A thermodynamic model of the global sea-surface temperature and mixed-layer depth (J.-Y. Simonot et al). Coastal ocean response to atmospheric forcing (B. Rajkovic, G.L. Mellor). Parameterization of vertical diffusion in a numerical model of the Black Sea (H.J. Friedrich, E.V. Stanev). Long-term simulations of upper ocean vertical mixing models of different types (Ph. Gaspar et al). Some dynamical and statistical properties of equatorial turbulence (H. Peters, M.C. Gregg). Turbulent dissipation in the Strait of Gibraltar and associated mixing (J.C. Wesson, M.C. Gregg). Microstructure and vertical velocity shear distribution in Monterey Bay (E.C. Itsweire, T.R. Osborn). Mediterranean salt lenses (D. Hebert). Estimates of mixing inferred from temperature and velocity microstructure (N.S. Oakey). The mixing of meddy ``Sharon'' (B. Ruddick, D. Hebert). Mixing and large-scale ocean dynamics (P.B. Rhines). Vortical motions (P. Müller). The relation between Lagrangian and Eulerian spectra: A connection between large-scale waves and small-scale turbulence (K.R. Allen, R.I. Joseph). Evidence and consequences of fossi


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