This book contains the proceedings of two symposia which brought together crystal growers, chemists and physicists from across the world. The first part is concerned with silicon molecular beam epitaxy and presents an overview of the most research being done in the field.

Part two discusses the problems dealing with purification, doping and defects of II-VI materials, mainly of the important semiconductors CdTe and ZnSe. The focus is on materials science issues which are the key for a better understanding of these materials and for any industrial application.

Table of Contents

(Please contact the publisher for a complete list of contents). Symposium L: 6th International Symposium on Silicon Molecular Beam Epitaxy. I. Optical properties. II. Superlattices. III. Material analysis. IV. Strain adjustment. V. Competing technologies. VI. Devices. VII. Nanometer structures. VIII. Growth and equipment. IX. Two-dimensional carriers. X. Novel materials. Symposium D: Purification, Doping and Defects in II-VI Materials. I. Thermodynamics - bulk growth. II. Doping and purification. III. Defects. IV. Compensation. V. Diffusion. VI. Transition elements and photorefractivity.


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