The Sea Cucumber Apostichopus japonicus, Volume 39

1st Edition

History, Biology and Aquaculture

Print ISBN: 9780127999531
eBook ISBN: 9780128004678
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 5th January 2015
Page Count: 478
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While sea cucumber is one of China's and Asia’s most prized seafoods, and aquaculture programs are being developed on a huge commercial scale, Chinese expertise and knowledge in this area has not been well disseminated worldwide. The Sea Cucumber Apostichopus japonicus is the first book to bridge this gap by compiling key information related to hatchery and aquaculture techniques, nutritional and medical values, markets, and trade flow of the number one sea cucumber species. It summarizes the historical and most recent developments in the trade and aquaculture of Apostichopus japonicus, as well as important aspects of its anatomy, population dynamics, reproduction, development, physiology, and biochemistry.

With sea cucumber harvest and aquaculture booming worldwide, comprehensive knowledge of China’s technological breakthroughs in this rapidly expanding field is key. The Sea Cucumber Apostichopus japonicus is essential to understanding the cultural underpinnings of the insatiable market demands for sea cucumber and what drives sea cucumber trade. It also provides biological information and aquaculture techniques that can be adapted to other species, making it a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners involved in sea cucumber harvesting, aquaculture, and conservation.

Key Features

  • Explores the historical and current importance of Apostichopus japonicus in China, Japan, and the two Koreas
  • Presents innovative production technologies in sea cucumber aquaculture
  • Provides the latest scientific methods to maximize efficiency and production
  • Includes important information on the design and operation of farms
  • Discusses hot topics, current challenges, and future opportunities in aquaculture
  • Highlights important advances in the study of sea cucumbers at the behavioral, cellular, and molecular levels


Aquaculture scientists and extension agents, environmental biologists, aquatic scientists, graduate students, government officials and policy-makers, and aquaculture practitioners

Table of Contents

  • List of Contributors
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter 1: Apostichopus japonicus in the Life of Chinese People

    • Summary
    • Keywords
    • 1.1. Ancient tales of sea cucumber
    • 1.2. Nutritional and medicinal value of sea cucumber
    • 1.3. Sea cucumber in Chinese diet
    • 1.4. Cultural expression
  • Chapter 2: From Fisheries Toward Aquaculture

    • Summary
    • Keywords
    • 2.1. The history of A. japonicus fishery
    • 2.2. Aquaculture development
    • 2.3. Perspective on the aquaculture industry of A. japonicus
  • Chapter 3: Taxonomy and Identification

    • Summary
    • Keywords
    • 3.1. Introduction
    • 3.2. Holothuroid taxonomy
    • 3.3. Methods of classifying holothuroids
    • 3.4. The evolution of holothuroids
    • 3.5. A. japonicus Taxonomy
  • Chapter 4: Anatomy

    • Summary
    • Keywords
    • 4.1. Body wall
    • 4.2. Calcareous ring
    • 4.3. Endoskeleton
    • 4.4. Nervous system
    • 4.5. Coelom and coelomocytes
    • 4.6. Digestive system
    • 4.7. Respiratory system
    • 4.8. Water vascular system
    • 4.9. Hemal system
    • 4.10. Reproductive system
  • Chapter 5: Spatial Distribution, Population Structures, Management, and Conservation

    • Summary
    • Keywords
    • 5.1. Spatial distribution
    • 5.2. Population structure
    • 5.3. Fisheries management and conservation
  • Chapter 6: Reproductive Biology

    • Summary
    • Keywords
    • 6.1. Anatomy of the reproductive system
    • 6.2. Gonad development
    • 6.3. Re


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  • Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2016 – Cookbooks, E5-Fish category, Third place, Gourmand


" important source of information on biology, culture techniques, and also markets and trade...recommended for anyone working with sea cucumber aquaculture…" --Aquaculture Magazine