This book describes the application of major safety reviews used in the process industries (principally petroleum, petrochemical, chemical industries, nuclear installations, utility systems, and medical facilities). It provides guidance on qualitative hazard analyses, specifically for PHA (Preliminary Hazard Analysis), What-If, and HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) for review teams. OSHA and EPA as well as national governments all over the world, require industry to conduct these reviews to help prevent major catastrophic fire, explosions and oil spillages. In 2007, the Department of Homeland Security in the United States issued new standards with regard to the security of chemical facilities. This new edition documents how the methodology and procedures used for the hazard reviews can be adopted and applied for Security Vulnerability Analysis (SVA).


The primary focus for this book is in the process industries (petroleum, chemical, petro-chemical). However, any operation that involves a system or continuous or batch processes that can have major a incident leading to injuries, fatalities, major property damage, environmental impact, business interruption or loss of prestige, or a security threat would have applicability. The typical job application is facility or process engineers, safety, loss prevention and fire protection engineers, regulators, inspectors and consultants. Secondly, the book can be used as a college textbook for chemical, reliability or safety engineering degrees.

Table of Contents

Purpose; Scope; Objective and Description of PHA, What-If and HAZOP Reviews; Adaptation to Security Vulnerability Analysis (SVA); Team Members, Qualifications, and Responsibilities; Management Support and Responsibilities; Review Applications for Typical Facilities; Review Procedures; Review Worksheets; Report Preparation and Distribution; Handling and Resolution of Recommendations; Schedule and Cost Estimates; Bibliography; Appendix A: Typical Company Policy Statement; Appendix B: Quality Assurance Audit Checklist; Appendix C: Probability, Severity, Risk and Risk Acceptance Tables; Appendix D: PHA and What-If /Checklist Questions; Appendix E: HAZOP Parameters, Deviations, and Possible Causes; Glossary; Acronyms; Index


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