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Chapter headings and selected papers: Hybrid Systems: Dynamics, Computation and Control. Computation of controllers for nonlinear hybrid systems (C. Tomlin et al.). Applications of Nonlinear Control I. Application of iterative learning for constant torque control of switched reluctance motors (N.C. Sahoo et al.). Delays in Nonlinear Systems. Stability in cellular neural networks with delays (J.-D. Cao). Robustness of Nonlinear Systems. Robust stability analysis of MIMO systems with asymmetric nonlinearities (F. Gordillo et al.). Applications of Nonlinear Control II. Adaptive control of coordinated operation for two robotic manipulators (S.S. Ge et al.). Nonlinear feedback stabilization of a rotating body-beam system (B. Chentouf, J.-F. Couchouron). Applications of Nonlinear Control III. Multivariable nonlinear internal model control applied to a bioreactor (G. Roux, B. Dahhou). Observers and Measurements in Nonlinear Systems. Linear measurement feedback control of nonlinear plants (S. Padilla et al.). Discrete Time Nonlinear Systems. Input-to-state stability for discrete-time nonlinear systems (Z.P. Jiang et al.). Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems. On the stabilization of homogeneous systems in the plane (Ph. Adda, H. Zenati). Stability of Nonlinear Systems. Solution of the problem of absolute stability of nonlinear controlled system (F.A. Ovsepian). Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Systems. Robust adaptive output-feedback control of a class of uncertain nonlinear systems (W.-T. Chen et al.). Passivity and Lyapunov Functions. Characterization of Lyapunov functions for smooth nonlinear systems using LMIs (T.A. Johansen). Special Controllers. Compensation and control of nonlinear systems in


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