Relaxation & Exercise for Childbearing

1st Edition


  • Eileen Brayshaw
  • Pauline Wright
    • Print ISBN 9781898507291


    Topics covered include: How to deal with minor physical problems in pregnancy. Exercises - abdominal and pelvic floor, circulatory pelvic tilting, shoulder and arm exercises, stretching. Need for relaxation in pregnancy, positions and relaxation
    techniques. Discussions on more strenuous physical activities. Basic description of stages of labour and causes of pain. Coping strategies for labour. Massage techniques. Emotional aspects of end of labour. How partners can help. Basic physiology and the need for exercise postnatally. How to check for diastasis of recti muscles for exercise. Exercises for the first few days. Exercises for diastasis of recti muscles. Exercises for the next two weeks. Exercises after a caesarean birth Exercises for the next eight weeks. Resumption of more strenuous physical exercise Physical problems postnatally and how to deal with them. How to be referred for medical help if necessary. Feelings and emotions.


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    About the authors

    Eileen Brayshaw

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Clinical Associate, Huddersfield University, Clinical Specialist and Postgraduate Physiotherapy Tutor in Women's Health

    Pauline Wright

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Obstetric Physiotherapist, UK