This volume contains papers covering the theory of nonlinear PDEs and the related topics which have been recently developed in Japan.

Table of Contents

On the Fluid Dynamical Limit of the Boltzmann Equation (K. Asano and S. Ukai). Neumann Layer Phenomena in Nonlinear Diffusion Systems (H. Fujii and Y. Hosono). Water Waves and Friedrichs Expansion (T. Kano and T. Nishida). Global Existence and Stability of Solutions for Discrete Velocity Models of the Boltzmann Equation (S. Kawashima). Blow-up of Solutions for Quasi-Linear Wave Equations in Two Space Dimensions (K. Masuda). A Kinetic Approximation of Entropy Solutions of First Order Quasilinear Equations (T. Miyakawa). Instability of Spatially Homogeneous Pediodic Solutions to Delay-Diffusion Equations (Y. Morita). On Some Nonlinear Dispersive Systems and the Associated Nonlinear Evolution Operators (S. Oharu and T. Takahashi). Nonstationary or Stationary Free Boundary Problems for Perfect Fluid with Surface Tension (H. Okamoto). Global Existence Theorem for Nonlinear Wave Equation in Exterior Domain (Y. Shibata and Y. Tsutsumi). Diffusion Processes and Partial Differential Equations (K. Taira). Free Boundary Problems for the Equations of Motion of General Fluids (A. Tani). Scattering of Solutions of Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equations in Higher Space Dimensions (M. Tsutsumi and N. Hayashi).


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