The 327 papers in this two-volume set cover a wide range of topics concerning the production, processing and properties of rapidly quenched melts. Various techniques for the production of non-equilibrium materials are also discussed, including solid state amorphization by rapid interdiffusion and thermobaric quenching.

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A selection: Volume 1: Plenary Lectures. Magnetization process in nanocrystalline ferromagnets (G. Herzer). Atomic dynamics of metallic glasses and icosahedral alloys (J.B. Suck). Electrical Properties. Influence of conduction electrons on tunneling states in amorphous metals (G. Weiss). Electrical resistivites of stable quasicrystals (K. Kimura et al.). Electronic structure of disordered bismuth alloys: a comparison of the amorphous with the liquid state (P. Haussler et al.). Magnetic Properties. Reversible and irreversible domain wall movement in Metglas amorphous ribbons (J.T.S. Irvine et al.). Displaced hysteresis loops of cobalt-based amorphous alloys (K. Yamaguchi et al.). Effects of crystallization on magnetic domain structure of amorphous Fe78B13Si9 alloy (A.R. Bhatti). Magnetic clusters in melt-spun La-Fe alloys (S. Kondo et al.). Effect of ribbon dimensions on the magnetic properties of metallic glasses (T. Kulik et al.). Mechanical Properties. Processing, structure and performance of RS "classical" silver-base brazing alloys (A. Rabinkin et al.). Property enhancement in type 316L stainless stell by spray forming (I. Ucok et al.). Elastic properties of nickel-based metallic glasses (A. Kursumovic et al.). Relaxation and Kinetics. Crystallization kinetics of amorphous Cu-Ni-P alloys (R. Adlwarth-Dieball, P.L. Ryder). Crystallization of amorphous Cu-Ni-Si-B alloys (F. Schaefer, P.L. Ryder). The role of X on the properties of Fe-S-B-Si metallic glasses (V.R.V. Ramanan). Relaxation in amorphous materials: A new approach (I. Pocsik). Processing. Numerical analysis of the casting wheels of foil and strip casting machines (E. Vogt et al.). Fundamentals of fibre formation during melt extraction (G. Lotze et al.). Modelling of dendritic growth during ribbon formation in planar flow casting (A. Ludwig et al.). Equiaxed microstructure by rapid solidification (C. Riek


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