This is the first definitive book on rapid thermal processing (RTP), an essential namufacturing technology for single-wafer processing in highly controlled environments. Written and edited by nine experts in the field, this book covers a range of topics for academics and engineers alike, moving from basic theory to advanced technology for wafer manufacturing. The book also provides new information on the suitability or RTP for thin film deposition, junction formation, silicides, epitaxy, and in situ processing. Complete discussions on equipment designs and comparisons between RTP and other processing approaches also make this book useful for supplemental information on silicon processing, VLSI processing, and integrated circuit engineering.


Process engineers working in microelectronic research and development, production and manufacturing engineers working with silicon-integrated circuits, researchers working in semiconductor processing, graduate students and researchers in electronics, electrical engineers.

Table of Contents

1. Rapid Thermal Processing - A Justification 2. Rapid Thermal Processing - Based Epitaxy 3. Rapid Thermal Growth and Processing of Dielectrics 4. Thin-Films Deposition 5. Extended Defects from Ion Implantation and Annealing 6. Junction Formation in Silicon by Rapid Thermal Annealing 7. Silicides 8. Issues in Manufacturing Unique Silicon Devices Using Rapid Thermal Annealing 9. Manufacturing Equipment Issues in Rapid Thermal Processing Index


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