Maintaining the integrity of nuclear power plants is critical in the prevention or control of severe accidents. This monograph deals with both basic groups of structural materials used in the design of light-water nuclear reactors, making the primary safety barriers of NPPs. Emphasis is placed on materials used in VVER-type nuclear reactors: Cr-Mo-V and Cr-Ni-Mo-V steel for RPV and Zr-Nb alloys for fuel element cladding.

The book is divided into 7 main chapters, with the exception of the opening one and the chapter providing a phenomenological background for the subject of radiation damage. Chapters 3-6 are devoted to RPV steels and chapters 7-9 to zirconium alloys, analysing their radiation damage structure, changes of mechanical properties due to neutron irradiation as well as factors influencing the degree of their performance degradation. The recovery of damaged materials is also discussed. Considerable attention is paid to a comparison of VVER-type and western-type light-water materials.

This monograph will be of great value to postgraduate students in nuclear engineering and materials science, and for designers and research workers in nuclear energy.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction. 2. Radiation damage. 3. Factors affecting radiation damage of steels. 4. Recovery from radiation damage. 5. Radiation embrittlement of low-alloy steels for reactors. 6. Experimental determination of the mechanism of the recovery of 15Kh2NMFA steel after radiation strengthening. 7. Radiation damage to zirconium and its alloys. 8. Changes in the properties of Zr alloys as a result of irradiation. 9. Corrosion of Zr alloys in water and steam. Subject index.


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